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Welcome to Cowie Hill Physiotherapy

Helping Cowie Hill residents feel their best for over 19 years

At Cowie Hill Physiotherapy you can expect:

  • Results: Proven, one-to-one, evidence-based therapy
  • Coverage Options:  Covered by most insurance, with little to no out-of-pocket fees- see coverage tab
  • Efficient Recovery:  We get you back to enjoying a pain free life as quickly as possible
  • Short & Long Term Relief:  We focus on the root cause of your pain, not just symptoms
  • Flexible Scheduling:  Convenient scheduling around work and home obligations
  • Prevention Strategies:  We show you how to keep pain from coming back - on your own
  • Experienced Clinicians:  Licensed clinicians who genuinely care about reaching your goals
  • No Wait List:  Access to therapy in under 48 hours - normally same day

We also offer a convenient no-obligation appointment option so you can learn more about how we can help with no commitment.

When you choose Cowie Hill Physiotherapy you will find experienced Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic and Psychology staff who work together to ensure optimal care for your painful injury.

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy recognizes the differences in shapes, sizes, strengths and degrees of injury amongst all of our patients and designs sensible rehabilitation programs that help our patients reach their personal rehabilitation goals.  Whether it is pain relief or recovery from an injury, we will provide therapy options that can help you play an active role in achieving your goals.  We are a multidisciplinary clinic that specializes in physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, occupational therapy and psychology.  By working together as a team, all clinicians are in constant communication with each other in order to ensure that each patient receives the most effective treatment possible.

We successfully treat many conditions and injuries through a variety of effective therapy options. Click on the "conditions we treat" tab above to learn more about therapy options.

Early Intervention Can Help Prevent Lifelong Chronic Pain

Early intervention is critical to a speedy recovery. Research has proven that people who seek therapy early after an injury have shorter recovery periods and are 8 times less likely to develop chronic pain.*

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy can help you feel your best. Schedule your no-obligation appointment today using the form to the left, or give us a call and put Cowie Hill Physiotherapy full spectrum of advanced rehabilitation services to work for you.

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*Study by the Department of Occupational Medicine at the Orebro Medical Centre

Evaluating Your ConditionPrevention StrategiesLength Of TreatmentIncluding Your Doctor

Conditions We Treat:

At Cowie Hill Physiotherapy, our team has extensive experience and training in treating a variety of different conditions.

  • Ankle - Sprain/Strain, Shin Splints, Arthritis, Tendon Problems:

    If you are experiencing pain from an ankle injury it is important that you get the correct form of treatment. If your ankle injury is not given the proper attention and healed completely, you run the risk of it occurring again or developing a chronic condition.

    Our approach to physiotherapy starts first by helping you understand your ankle injury as well as implement the necessary rehabilitation steps and bracing (when applicable)that can help correct your ankle problem.

    To learn more about how we can help your specific ankle injury, consider scheduling a no obligation physio appointment today.

  • Arthritis - (Osteo) Joint Pain:

    Unfortunately there is no cure for osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a chronic but very treatable disease. Our physiotherapist's goals are to relieve your pain and to improve or maintain movement of affected joints. Our treatment for OA involves no prescriptions. Our rehab team will provide several options to help manage your symptoms effectively. To learn more about how we can help your specific OA pain, consider scheduling a no obligation physiotherapy appointment today.

  • Back Pain - Low, Mid, Upper:

    Our physiotherapy team designs programs to address a particular back condition and to help you prevent future back pain problems from reoccurring. Physiotherapy treatments focus first on relieving pain, improving your back movement, and fostering healthy posture. There is a great deal of scientific evidence that physiotherapy is beneficial for back pain. pt Health physio clinics are evidence based and use the most current research when developing your treatment plan. We treat: piriformis syndrome, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, disc herniation among other conditions. To learn more about how we can help your specific back injury, consider scheduling a no obligation appointment today.

  • Bursitis:

    Non infected bursitis can be treated effectively. Our physio team will apply advanced therapy techniques to help reduce the inflammatory process of bursitis. Electrotherapy, such as ultrasound or shortwave diathermy can also help greatly. Your situation is unique, and so should your treatment be. To learn more about how we can help your bursitis pain, consider scheduling a no obligation physiotherapy appointment today.

  • Car Accident Injuries: (MVA)

    Car accident rehabilitation is a specialized type of physiotherapy with a focus on collaboration between pt Health rehab professionals. Our ultimate goal is to fully return you to the physical state that you were in the minute before your car accident occurred. Car accident therapy often requires the care of more than one health care provider and may involve blending such treatments as physiotherapy and massage therapy, for example. Your situation is unique. To learn more about how we can help your specific injury, consider scheduling a no obligation appointment today. Learn more about our physio treatment approach to auto accident whiplash.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS):

    The main focus of our treatment is to reduce or eliminate the cause of pressure in the carpal tunnel. We may provide suggestions about the use of healthy body alignment and wrist positions, helpful exercises, and tips on how to prevent future problems. Our physiotherapist may also begin treatments to reduce inflammation and to encourage normal gliding of the tendons and median nerve within the carpal tunnel. Although time required for recovery is different for every patient, as a general rule, you may see improvement in as little as four weeks. Your situation is unique. To learn more about how we can help your specific carpal tunnel injury, consider booking a physiotherapy appointment at a clinic near you.

  • Chronic or Acute Muscle Pain:

    Acute injuries usually occur suddenly during activities. When you experience an acute injury there are things your pt Health physiotherapist can do to minimize tissue damage and protect from further injury. We help you to manage and recover from your injury sooner. Chronic pain is a broad category that includes many common conditions that affect the soft tissues of the body. At pt Health many nonsurgical treatment approaches are used by our rehabilitation team to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain. Our physiotherapy team gathers detailed information and will evaluate your condition closely. The answers you give along with the results of the examination will guide us in tailoring a unique treatment program that is right for you.

  • Concussions:

    A concussion is known as a type of trauma, or injury, to the brain. In some cases it can result in additional symptoms, including neurological, physical, and emotional. At pt Health, we work with you to successfully recover from a concussion, through such techniques as vestibular rehabilitation, to help retrain the brain to recognize the signals from the vestibular system, proprioception, and vision to help with imbalance.

  • Dizziness / Balance Issues:

    Balance problems affect over 50% of all adults at some time. A pt Health physiotherapist is trained to treat dizziness and balance issues including: BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo): an individual feels the environment is moving around them (i.e. spinning). This is related to a dysfunction in the vestibular system. A pt Health physiotherapist can help treat this with a series of maneuvers and exercises that restore normal function for the vestibular system and help the patient regain balance. Your situation is unique. To learn more about how we can help your balance issues, consider scheduling a physiotherapy appointment today.

  • Elbow Conditions - Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, OA, Biceps Rupture:

    The elbow is one of those areas that is easy to injure, whether it be from sitting at a desk all day or playing your favourite sport. Because elbow injury is most often linked to overuse, our physiotherapy team will work with you to reduce repeated strains during activity. When symptoms are from a particular sport or work activity, we will observe your style and motion with the activity. Our physiotherapist may suggest ways to protect the elbow during your activities. We also keep the collagen in your tendon from breaking down further. Our overall goal is to help your elbow injury heal as soon as possible. Call pt Health today to learn more about how we can help your specific injury.

  • Fibromyalgia:

    Aerobic exercise can be helpful in reducing muscle pain and tenderness. Heat and massage therapy may also be beneficial in some patients. a pt Health physio therapist will assist with education about energy conservation techniques and specific strengthening exercises that may help effectively manage fibromyalgia symptoms.

  • Foot - Flatfoot, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendon Problems:

    The foot can be the home of many problems, all of them uncomfortable and tough to deal with. We help treat stress fractures, pulled muscles, torn ligaments and more. Each foot injury is unique. To learn more about how we can help your unique injury, call pt Health physiotherapy today.

  • Hip Injury & Pain - Fracture, Dislocation, OA, Hip Replacement:

    A hip injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer through and one that can lead to long-term health problems if not addressed correctly or inevitably prevented. Your pt Health physiotherapist will work with you to regain the stability needed in the hip for balance and walking. Find out how we can help your unique injury, consider booking a no-obligation appointment today.

  • Knee Injury - Patellar Tendonitis, Meniscal Injuries, IT Band Issues, ACL Tears among Others:

    The knee is a sensitive area of your body and one that is prone to injury doing almost any activity. When you begin a pt Health knee physiotherapy program, our initial treatments will focus on decreasing pain and swelling in your affected knee. Our rehab team may begin range-of-motion exercises, with the goal of helping you swiftly regain full movement in your knee. This may include the use of rotation movements, gentle stretching, and careful pressure applied to the knee. We may also give you exercises to improve the strength of your hamstring and quadriceps muscles. As your symptoms ease and strength improves, we may also provide specialized exercises to improve knee stability. Learn more about how we can help. Book your physio appointment today.

  • Neck Pain - Strain, Whiplash, Radiculopathy, Stenosis:

    Nonsurgical therapy can optimize the health of your neck and in some cases, prolong the need for surgery. Our physiotherapy programs are often prescribed for 2 to 5 weeks for patients with neck pain, although your recovery time may vary. Our therapy sessions are designed to help ease pain and to improve your mobility, strength, posture, and function. To learn more about how we can help your specific neck injury, consider scheduling a no obligation physio appointment today.

  • Neurological Disorders - Hemiplegia, Dystonia, Spasticity, Paralysis

    Our treatment may help improve muscle strength, making every day activities important to you easier to achieve. Our approach to neurological rehab first assesses how your muscles are functioning and then we devise a structured rehabilitation program centred around you and your needs. Call or email us today to learn more.

  • Obesity:

    pt Health physiotherapists are experts at assessing, planning, and implementing effective exercise programs for overweight and obese individuals. Your insurance may cover some or all program costs. Discover how we can help with your specific weight loss goals. schedule a no-obligation appointment today.

  • Osteoporosis:

    Patients with osteoporitic bones begin losing their minerals and support capabilities, leaving the skeleton brittle and prone to fractures. The primary goals of our treatment are to educate you on proper posture, introduce safe ways of moving and lifting, and provide you with helpful exercises you can do at home to help prevent a decline in bone mass and prevent fractures. Find out how we can help you by booking a no obligation physiotherapy appointment today.

  • Overuse Injury - Cumulative trauma disorder (CTD):

    CTD is a broad health category that includes many common diseases that affect the soft tissues of your body. CTD in itself is not a disease. pt Health helps you understand your condition as well as implement the necessary rehabilitation steps that should be taken for correcting your pain and preventing injury recurrence. Get more information on how we can help you by booking a no obligation appointment.

  • Plantar Fasciitis:

    Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition affecting the bottom of the foot. Nonsurgical management of plantar fasciitis is successful in 90 per cent of all cases. When you begin therapy our physiotherapist will design exercises to improve flexibility in the calf muscles, achilles' tendon, and the plantar fascia. To learn more about how we can help your plantar fasciitis, consider scheduling a no obligation appointment today.

  • Post Operative Rehabilitation:

    Post operative treatment can help with recovery from numerous surgeries such as acl reconstruction, frozen shoulder, joint replacement, knee surgery, hip replacement among others. Your situation is unique. To learn more about how we can help with your post op physio, consider scheduling your no-obligation physical therapy appointment today.

  • Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome

    Pain in the buttock that radiates down the leg is commonly called sciatica. The most common cause for sciatica is irritation of the spinal nerves in or near the lumbar spine. After evaluating your condition, our physiotherapy team will use various treatments to ease spasm and pain. Discover how we can help your sciatica pain, call or email for your no obligation appointment today.

  • Shoulder Pain - Adhesive Capsulitis, Dislocations, Rotator Cuff Tears, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Instability:

    At pt Health we provide information and tools needed to successfully recover from a shoulder injury and to prevent future injuries from occurring. There are many types of shoulder injuries. To learn more about how we can help with your specific shoulder pain, schedule a no obligation physiotherapy appointment today.

  • Sports Related Injuries:

    Our staff works with a variety of people with different athletic and sport backgrounds to improve their overall performance and skill, and assist them with successful recovery when sports-related injuries occur. There are many types of sport related injuries. Discover how our physiotherapists can help you.

  • Strains / Sprains:

    Sprains and strains are injuries caused by overstretching or tearing of the ligaments and tendons. Strains and sprains have similar signs and symptoms, but differ anatomically. To learn more about how we can help your strain / sprain, consider scheduling a no obligation appointment today.

  • Work Related Injury:

    We look forward to helping you recover from your work related injury. Whether you spend your day at the computer, sitting at a desk, standing or lifting, we can work with you to design a program that will help you avoid or recover from work injuries. Find out how we can help by scheduling a no obligation physiotherapy appointment today.

Personalized Treatment Plan: The First Step to Your Recovery

Our first goal is to reduce the symptoms you're feeling right now as quickly as possible. We assess and develop a personalized treatment program through means including, but not limited to, advanced exercise prescriptions, manual therapy, and various modalities.  

Evaluating Your Condition

To come up with your treatment program, a therapist will gather key information about your condition. Your answers along with the results of an expert examination will guide us in creating a specific type of treatment program to effectively address your specific condition and eventually, to facilitate your healing.

Adjustments to the program are implemented based on your actual progress, or response, to the treatment until your goals are achieved. We pay close attention to your progress. You will receive verbal instruction and hands-on guidance to improve your condition.

Prevention Strategies:
Understanding Your Condition and Implementing Prevention Strategies

A clear understanding of your condition will not only alleviate your concerns, but can also help you understand your condition, to look for and change factors that may be causing your symptoms, and to help you learn how to avoid future problems.

Our therapists may provide tips, specific stretches, and exercises to do at work, or during activities. We recommend changes to help you do your job with less strain and less chance of injury.

As you recover, you will gradually advance in a series of strengthening exercises for the muscles surrounding the affected area which helps patients begin moving easier and lessens the chances of future pain and problems.

How Long It Takes:
Quick Treatments to Let You Work on Your Other Responsibilities

Our goal is to relieve pain and correct your injury as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of treatments you will be receiving. We adjust our therapy programs to meet your goals.

We get you in for treatment quickly, usually within a few days, and work hard to get you back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. In fact, in some cases just a few 30-minute therapy sessions is all it takes.

Including Your Doctor:
Your Doctor Is Always Our Partner

It takes a team approach to high quality health care. That is why we never take your doctor out of the equation.

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy provides clear and consistent reporting to your doctor. Reporting may include areas such as results achieved, detailed assessment of problem, treatment by physiotherapist, and future treatment options.

We Help You Get Well & Stay Well.

But the treatment doesn't stop in our office.  We may provide you with exercises to do at home on a regular basis to help control your symptoms and protect reoccurrence of injury in the years ahead. Although we will continue to be a resource, you will be in charge of practicing the strategies and exercises you've learned as part of an ongoing home program and maintain a good quality of life.

Ready to feel your best again? Schedule Your No-Obligation Appointment Today.


You are in Good Hands at Cowie Hill Physiotherapy

Healthcare Solutions to Get Well and Stay Well

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy uses many therapy options to ensure an optimal approach to your care. You will experience a variety of gentle therapy solutions that can help reduce pain, strengthen, add flexibility, improve joint range, and more. Some of our services include:

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a holistic treatment wherein thin needles are inserted at specific points of the body. This form of treatment has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and operates with the idea that every form of illness is caused by an energy imbalance in the human body. pt Health\'s gentle approach to acupuncture specifically addresses imbalances unique to your health.

    Effective for treatment of pain, insomnia, digestive problems, abdominal aches, and much more.

  • Arthritis Management

    Arthritis Management Therapy assists individuals with various types and severity of arthritis.

  • Bracing

    Bracing is a therapy option that gives much needed support to joints that have become uneven or unstable due to an injury, illness or chronic condition. At pt Health, we know that your well being is affected when braces are uncomfortable or do not fit you properly. We give you educational information about the use of your brace and we make sure that the fit is customized to your body.

  • Chiropractic Treatment

    Chiropractic is a scientifically based field of health care which restores and maintains health and wellness of the entire body by focusing on the spine and nervous system.

    At pt Health your quality of life is our primary concern. Our compassionate and professional staff is eager to help you achieve your health care goals.

  • Chronic Condition Management

    A chronic condition is any persistent injury, disease, pain or illness that has ongoing symptoms. Chronic conditions typically cause lasting symptoms that interfere with daily activities. pt Health Chronic condition management is an interdisciplinary approach for improving the quality of life of those living with chronic conditions. Let us help put a smile on your face. Call us today to schedule your no obligation appointment.

  • Compression Garments

    Compression garments include socks, pantyhose, sleeves, etc, that provide support especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods, or people with poor circulation.

  • Ergonomic Assessment

    An ergonomic assessment evaluates different kinds of stresses on the muscles, tendons and bones in the workplace.

  • Fitness Evaluation

    A measurement of your muscular strength, cardiovascular strength, body fat percentage, coordination, and flexibility.

  • Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE/FCE)

    A functional abilities evaluation (FAE/FCE) is useful to determine an employee’s functional abilities and physical fitness to return to work after an injury.

  • Graston Technique

    A therapeutic technique used by many physiotherapists to therapeutically aid problems related to the skeletal, muscle, and soft tissue injuries.

  • Interferential Current (IFC)

    An effective therapy option used to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process within your body.

  • Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

    IMS is a similar technique to acupuncture and uses fine needles to treat tight muscle bands that are implicated in many chronic and painful conditions such as neck and back pain as well as many other soft tissue injuries. However IMS differs from acupuncture in its application because needle insertion is indicated by the physical signs as opposed to the non-scientific meridians of Chinese acupuncture. IMS is based on known scientific, neurophysiologic principles.

  • Manual Therapy

    Includes mobilization of the nerves, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and mobilization of spinal segments and joints.

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy involves gentle hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of your body. Therapeutic focus includes your muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. pt Health Registered Massage Therapists manipulate your muscles and other soft tissues of the body with varying degrees of pressure and movement. This helps to relieve pain and tension. If done soon enough after accidents involving trauma and injury, massage can greatly reduce the development of painful muscular patterning.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Providing you with the tools for daily life. Occupational therapy works to break down the barriers which may affect individuals during their everyday activities. pt Health Occupational Therapists examine the physical effects of an injury or disease. However, they also focus more deeply on the psycho-social, community and environmental factors that influence function. Occupational Therapists may work alongside physiotherapists in order to provide a more comprehensive level of care. For more information of how the services of an OT can benefit you, call pt Health today.

  • Older Adult Therapy

    Older adult therapy includes physiotherapy services for the elderly population to enhance their quality of life and help them with mobility and unrestricted movement.

  • Orthotics

    At pt Health we offer the custom foot care you need to enjoy your life! Orthotics and gait scans can measure proper positioning of foot bones, joints, ankles, and knees. Help correct foot dysfunction. Improve athletic performance, endurance and strength. Help relieve pain and foot fatigue. Benefit older adults who live with arthritis. Call pt Health today to find out more about insurance covered Orthotics and how they can help you!

  • Physical Demands Analysis

    Physical demands analysis or a job site analysis is conducted on-site to evaluate the necessary duties that a person has to do on the job.

  • Physiotherapy

    Effective physiotherapy care for all ages.

    If you are coping with physical limitations, painful injuries, chronic conditions or sport-related problems, physiotherapy can offer you the relief you are searching for!

    At pt Health, we know how much an injury or condition can affect your quality of life. Our primary aim is to help you get well and stay well. Our compassionate and professional staff are eager to help you achieve your health care goals. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation or for more information on how physiotherapy can benefit you or your loved ones.

  • Psychology

    Counseling in physical rehabilitation settings, treating patients with spinal cord injuries, chronic pain or illness, stroke, arthritis, and neurological conditions.

  • Sport Injury Rehabilitation

    A multidisciplinary approach designed to help athletes return to normal, pre-injury function.

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

    An electronic device that produces electrical impulses to stimulate nerves across unbroken skin. It is considered an effective method to relieve pain and inflammation.

  • Ultrasound (Therapeutic)

    Ultrasound is a therapy in which ultrasound technique is used for treating chronic pain and various kinds of disorders

  • Work Conditioning

    Returning to work after an illness or injury can be a difficult process. Recovery is not straightforward. You may feel ready to return to some of your previous duties, but remain unsure about others. Depending on the injury and what is required physically at the workplace, many people feel anxious about returning to work. It can be even harder if the injury occured at work. We want you to know that these experiences are normal and our healthcare team can help make the rehabilitation process easier – we will help you get back to work!

Accessible and Affordable Therapy

We Take Care Of The Paperwork So You Don't Have To

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy services are covered by most health care plans; most pay 80-100% of the fees. If you have a dental plan, chances are you also have coverage for most of the services and products we offer at Cowie Hill Physiotherapy. We currently accept:

  • All Third Party Insurance
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • WCB
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance
  • Personal Cheque
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Debit/Interac
  • Cash


Important Coverage Information:

Employer Extended Health Plans / Benefits

We bill directly to your extended health plan.

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy services are covered by most health care insurance plans.  If your insurance company allows direct billing and payment we will look after the billing for you.  If your insurance company will not allow direct billing and payment you will pay the clinic and submit to your insurance company, however we will assist with your paperwork to make it easier for you.

Motor Vehicle Accident Coverage

We bill directly to your insurance company for you.

If you have extended health care benefits that cover therapy, auto insurance companies in Nova Scotia require that your claim be placed through your extended health plan first. Any remaining balances for services are then covered by your auto accident insurance plan. On your first visit, you may be asked to provide information about your extend health plan.
If you do not have an extended health care benefits which covers therapy, your treatments may be billed directly through your auto accident insurance company.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) – Billed Directly

We bill directly to WCB for you.

WCB provides physiotherapy coverage for workers injured on the job. We bill WCB directly for treatments provided, complete necessary forms, progress reports, treatment extensions and communicate with adjudicators, your workplace and other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment. Our team can help you navigate through any WCB paperwork that you may be unsure about.

Blue Cross Billing

Cowie Hill Physiotherapy will bill all Blue Cross plans directly for physiotherapy, chiropractor, psychology, naturopath, dietitian and massage therapy treatments. Examples of employees with Blue Cross insurance:

  • CDHA
  • HRSB
  • RCMP
  • DND
  • Canadian Forces
  • Veterans Affairs

For more details about treatment fees, contact our helpful administrative team with any questions you may have about your payment options.

Schedule your no-obligation appointment today to get well and stay well.

georgeGeorge Cernan, Physiotherapist, BScPT

George has over 5 years of clinical experience and is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Since graduating from Dalhousie University, George continues to enhance his clinical skills through numerous continuing education courses including manual therapy, low back disorders, movement impairments, acupuncture, and exercise prescription. As a former professional musician, he has a special interest in musicians' injuries. In his spare time he enjoys piano playing. Salsa dancing, and travelling.


Jessica Ritchie

Jessica Ritchie, PT

Jessica grew up in Auburn, a small community in the Annapolis Valley. When not at work, she enjoys spending her spare time being active outdoors; particularly biking, hiking, kayaking, camping & rock climbing. She attended St.F.X. University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics with a concentration in Nutrition in 2007. She returned to St.F.X in 2008 and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Jessica joined the pt Health team as a Kinesiologist in 2008. In 2012, Jessica graduated from Dalhousie University with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy. Upon graduation, she received the School of Physiotherapy award for Integrated Practice. Jessica has taken continuing education courses in level 1 Manual Therapy & Anatomical Acupuncture. She has been working as a physiotherapist for pt Health since the fall of 2012.


Jessica, PC

Jessica is the Lead PC at pt Health & Wellness Centre – Nelson Place. She joined the pt Health team in August 2011 as an administrative assistant at Elmsdale Integrated Health Services and has since transferred to the Nelson Place team! Jessica is a proud St.F.X. graduate with First Class Honours in Psychology & a minor in Mathematics. She enjoys spending time with family & friends and also loves to travel both near & far and is always looking forward to new adventures!


loriLori-Lynn Hill, Massage Therapist

Lori-Lynn Hill is a Registered Massage Therapist and is an honours graduate of the 2200-hour Massage Therapy program at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She is a member of the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia and has been practicing massage therapy since 2004. She specializes in therapeutic massage therapy that includes techniques such as Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, pregnancy massage and stretching. Additional courses have been taken to expand her scope of deep systemic tissue therapy. She is a passionate and devoted practitioner who will strive to see positivity gained both physically and mentally by her clients and in aspects of her profession.

Vanessa McCollVanessa McColl, BA(Hons), MSc, Psychologist (Candidate Register)

Vanessa hails from Windsor, Ontario. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with Thesis, with Distinction. Upon completing this degree, she moved to Nova Scotia to complete her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Acadia University and graduated in 2010. Her Master’s thesis was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and it was awarded a Certificate of Academic Excellence by the Canadian Psychological Association. She completed her practicum in clinical assessment and internship in psychotherapy at Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) Adult Community Mental Health Services in Kentville, NS. Vanessa continues to remain active in the psychology research field. Her research interests are in the area of cognitive behavioural and emotional regulation approaches to the study of depression and anxiety. In 2012, in collaboration with her Master’s thesis supervisor from Acadia, she will conduct an online study with undergraduate students that will be an extension of her Master’s thesis. This study will examine in further detail the manner in which self-regulation processes might be related to psychological well-being in the regulation of short-term and long-term goals. Vanessa’s therapeutic approach is eclectic in nature, although primarily cognitive-behavioural. Her “down-to-earth”, practical, and empathic delivery helps to establish positive rapport with clients.

Rebecca Whynot

Rebecca Whynot

Rebecca graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Dalhousie University in 2007. She took a few years off to work before returning to school to complete her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2012. After graduation, Rebecca moved to rural Newfoundland to work for a few months before joining the pt Health team in October 2012. Rebecca is excited to be back home completing Job Site Analysis’, Job Site visits, Ergonomic Assessments, functional testing, return to work planning, and wheelchair assessments for pt Health. Although she enjoys all aspects of her job, Rebecca’s main area of interest is seniors’ health and wellness.

Nada SheppardNada Sheppard, Kinesiologist

Bio Coming Soon!




Larissa Emin

Larissa Emin

Larissa graduated from Dalhousie University in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology.

She volunteered within the company for two years while going to school and has now been working with the company for a year. Larissa is planning to return to school in the future to become a physiotherapist.

She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family (including her pets!!)

Donny Larlee

Donny Larlee, BScKin, RMT

Donny was born and raised in Nova Scotia and currently resides in the Middle Sackville. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, followed by a diploma in Massage Therapy from Northumberland College in 2002.  Donny is a member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS).  He has received additional training in Manual Lymph Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy.


Mike Majaess

Dr. Michael Majaess, Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Majaess has over 13 years of professional experience in the chiropractic management of neuromusculoskeletal injuries.  Michael has moved towards dually maintaining part-time clinical practice and a role as an adult educator.  Having completed the Train-the-Trainer Adult Education Program, he has served as lead instructor of musculoskeletal anatomy and orthopaedic assessments at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy since 2007.  As a healthcare provider, Michael's philosophy of practice is to meet the needs of his patients in a professional and timely manner and strives to teach his patients how to become more empowered over their own health and wellness.  As a certified Graston Technique® practitioner, he blends his experiences into his current style of practice by emphasizing soft-tissue management.  Continuing to maintain an affiliate membership with the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, when possible, he enjoys sharing and demonstrating the benefits of chiropractic by particpating on a volunteer basis with major local sporting events that have included the Scott FireFit Championships, Nautel Laser Masters World Championships, International Canoe Federation Canoe Sprint World Championships, Canada Winter Games, and, most recently, the Bluenose Marathon.

Carolyne Etter

Carolyne Etter, Occupational Therapist

Carolyne graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2008 with a degree in Child and Youth Care. After working for a few years as part of an interdisciplinary team with children with special needs, and seeing first hand the benefits of occupational therapy, she realized that occupational therapy was her true calling. Carolyne completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie University in June 2013, receiving the class of 2000 award, an award given to a student who demonstrated adaptability and perseverance throughout the program.

Carolyne has experience working with people across the lifespan, and across many cultures. One of her fieldwork placements while in the occupational therapy program brought her to northern Labrador, working within the Inuit and Innu communities. While in Labrador she worked in school based OT and with inmates in the provincial prison system. She also completed a placement in St. John’s, NL, focusing on work hardening, functional assessments, ergonomics and return to work planning.

Carolyne joined the ptHealth team in July 2013, focusing on ergonomics, functional assessments and rehabilitation, and return to work planning.

Carolyne is very excited to be working in her hometown of Halifax. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with family and friends. 


Gail, PC

Bio Coming Soon!





Wanda, PC

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