PCE Prep Course: New Help For The Perpetually Stressed Out Physio Student

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pce prep coursePT Health announces the introduction of its 2009 PCE Prep Course.

The program was established as a way to prepare Canadian-educated and non Canadian-educated graduates of physiotherapy programs to be better prepared for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam in June and November.

“We try and deliver a program that gives each student the confidence needed for the real thing” said Darryl Yardley, co-creator of the program. “The PCE prep course exposes students to scenarios that integrates content, stresses and expectations of the actual PCE, it’s a real life mock simulation of the real thing, but with constructive feedback”.

The PCE Prep course consists of an objective structured practical mock examination comprised of 10 questions depicting various clinical scenarios. There are five stations that involve a ten-minute encounter with a standardized client, and another five stations that involve a five-minute encounter with a standardized client, each followed up with a five-minute written station related to the encounter.

Each station includes a specific task within the entry-level physiotherapy scope of practice, standardized client instructions, a predetermined standardized checklist and answer key.

Specific feedback is given for each station that helps provide a valuable experience with the goal of each physio student to be better prepared for the actual PCE.

“The program has really grown over the last three years”, says Darryl. “We’re getting more and more calls all the time. This May we are offering three separate courses in Ontario and in British Columbia”.

For further information on the PT Health PCE Prep Course, please call 866-749-7461 or visit https://www.pthealth.ca/PCE_prep.php,  or read our PCE Preparation Course FAQ page.

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