Lifemark Physiotherapy Belmead

As part of the exciting news that we've joined Lifemark, we have changed our name to Lifemark Physiotherapy Belmead. Our name might be different, but we're in the same location and you can still expect the same high quality rehabilitation services and support by the same group of clinicians.

8944 182 St NW, Suite 300, Edmonton, AB T5T 2E3

To book an appointment, call 780-444-0500 or visit Lifemark Physiotherapy Belmead

In-person treatment available

Virtual Care treatment available

Welcome! Our clinic is open and offering in-person treatment in addition to Virtual Care services. Please note that enhanced measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff. View our virtual tour video so you know what to expect at your next appointment.

"The team at Belmead PT is amazing. Personable, passionate and really want to give you the best treatment possible. They take the time to get to know you as a person and feel good about coming to your sessions. Even though my rehab has taken much longer than I thought it would they are making it a good experience and a real difference in my quality of life!"

Alim G - Google Review

"The people here are all wonderful and nice. I've come here for physio after an accident and my body has only improved since then. I've also recently started receiving massage therapy here in conjunction with my physio, and my body has been finally been feeling near back to normal, if not better, compared to before my accident. Highly recommend!"

Tinno N - Google Review

Our Clinic Team

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    "I have been going for physiotherapy for my shoulder due to constant pain. This place is excellent. Punctual for starting appointments and everyone is very friendly. I've been going for a couple of months and have noticed the improvements via reduced pain and increased strength. Very happy with their service."

    Jonathan M - Google Review

    "I had lots of pain in my right hip, knee and shin causing me to lose sleep. After 2 sessions of massage and exercise there was significant improvement. After 2 additional appointments my pain was received and now I continue exercise at home. I would very definitely recommend them to friends and family."

    Susen D - Google Review

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  • Lifemark Physiotherapy Belmead directly bills insurance companies for you when possible.
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