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1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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MEX Physiotherapy Milton

1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9

Hours of Operation

Monday:11:00 AM-8:00 PM
Tuesday:4:00 PM-9:00 PM
Wednesday:10:00 AM-8:00 PM
Thursday:4:00 PM-9:00 PM
Friday:11:00 AM-8:00 PM
Saturday:10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Notice: We are open for In-Person treatment. To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff, we have made a number of changes to the way our clinics operate and have implemented enhanced measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff.
Click here to learn more about the S.A.F.E.R. approach.

To schedule an In-Person or Virtual Care appointment, please give us a call at 1-888-314-2726 or book an appointment online.

In response to COVID-19, pt Health is doing its part to help protect our patients and staff by modifying the availability of services at our clinics. Please call the clinic to seek advice or rebook services.
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"This is a great place to get healthy and strong. With regular visits, I was able to regain the strength and flexibility needed to get back to living well. I would highly recommend anyone who is either suffering from some body aches, pain, or injury, to go for a consultative visit to see how attentive the staff is, how clean the facilities are, and how quick and effective the treatments can be."

Jonathon D - Google Review

"I started my physiotherapy at Mex Physio well over a month ago with stubborn neck and shoulder pains. My physiotherapist targeted my problem areas with various methods like ultrasound, exercises etc., which has significantly reduced my pain. I am happy with the results and would definitely recommend MEX Physio to anyone looking for good and effective physiotherapy."

Suresh P - Google Review

Our Clinic Team

  • Shivshankar Chokalingham
    Physiotherapist - PT

    Speaks: English, Hindi, Arabic, Tamil
    Shiv is an experienced physiotherapist with a strong background in sport injuries management and Spine Care. Practising as a physiotherapist since 2003 , his vision is to render everyone in the community to recognize the benefits and choose Physiotherapy to elevate their sense of wellbeing. He was the official physical therapist for the Indian Women's Cricket Team at the WORLD CUP in 2005 and received "Excellent Physiotherapist" award at Al-Adan Hospital, Kuwait. He is a Credentialed Mckenzie (MDT) therapist for Spinal and extremity pain , skilled in Acupuncture, Sports Injuries, Concussion management ,Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, and Active release Techniques . He is a strong healthcare service professional who being a International Certified Mulligan Practitioner , Corrective exercise specialist (CES-NASM) , renders high quality patient care with progressively successful patient outcomes. He is also an art and music enthusiast.

  • Lisa Walters

    Speaks: English
    Lisa Walters uses a multidimensional approach to assess the root cause of your pain or discomfort. With a background in Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy, Pedorthics and Muscle Activation Technique, Lisa can draw from a vast educational and experiential background to help you get back to moving better, and with less pain. Being a Certified Pedorthist in Canada, Lisa has a very strong background in assessing and treating the human body. As well, Lisa has worked with several multidisciplinary clinics, multiple sports teams including hockey, football, soccer and rugby, and in the film and television industry allows Lisa to use an eclectic approach to bring you the best treatment options. Orthotics Whether you are looking to transition out of orthotics, questioning if orthotics will help with your pain or orthotic therapy has worked for you for years, I can help guide you through your options. With a thorough assessment and discussion of your goals we can work together on a plan to help you move towards pain free living.

  • Rei Kodra
    Massage Therapist - RMT

    Speaks: English
    Rei believes that our bodies were created to move in many degrees. Passive modalities are only a small part of what needs to be done to heal a body that requires strength and mechanical input. Rei's mentality is to first assess the individual needs of the client, then based on the clients goals, build a treatment plan including one or more modalities to treat the body as a whole. His knowledge of human physiology and whole body integration (quality of sleep, natural nutrition, optimized movement and strength training) are a driving force for his passion as a therapist. Rei is a graduate of CCMH with experience in mobility and deep tissue massage. Alongside being able to do relaxation massages, Rei believes using myofascial release and active mobilization techniques which requires movement during the session. He spends most of the session time on assessment and strength mobility, coupled with massage therapy.

  • Gaaya Dhandapani
    Patient Coordinator

    Speaks: English
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"Looking for a local physiotherapy facility to help healing of a sport injury, I found Mex Physio in Milton. I made an appointment online on a Friday and was in for treatment on Saturday morning. My physiotherapist has provided me various methods of treatment from massage, stretching, acupuncture & healing exercises. I'm well on the way to a full recovery due to his dedication, knowledge and experience."

Ron M - Google Review

"I recently started playing Badminton hence I got a shoulder pain. My physiotherapist treated with care and provided some guidance – I followed it and I experienced complete relief. I went again for leg pain and the recommendation was to wear orthopedics insole/shoes and the Pedorthist gave excellent explanation about my problem and gave expert suggestions. I strongly suggest you visit MEX Physio."

Eswar R - Google Review

Services & Treated Conditions

photograph of a physiotherpist performing physiotherapy
Physiotherapists diagnose, treat & provide preventive care to ease pain, increase strength and improve range of motion. Therapies may include exercise, manipulation, stretching, soft tissue massage, ultrasound, electrotherapy or acupuncture.
photograph of a massage therapist performing deep tissue massage therapy
Massage Therapy
Help reduce pain, improve motion & health with a variety of massage techniques including relaxation, therapeutic, sports injury, deep tissue & trigger point.
Virtual Care
photograph of an arthritis sufferer holding their hand in pain
Arthritis Management
Personalized arthritis therapy to help you better manage pain, adopt exercise techniques, follow healthy eating guidelines, prevent fatigue, protect joints, and use assistive devices.
photograph of a podiatrist bandaging a foot
Chiropodist / Podiatrist Services
Focusing on the overall health of feet, a Podiatrist (sometimes called a Chiropodist) addresses the overall health of the feet to provide improved mobility, balance & to treat chronic conditions related to diabetes, stroke & arthritis.
photograph of a runner wearing compression socks to improve circulation
Compression Garments
Increase blood circulation with compression stocking, sock or hosiery therapy. Effective for people with poor circulation, swelling or who stand for long periods.
photograph of a person being fitting with a custom knee brace
Custom Bracing
Professionally fit, or custom braces support uneven & unstable joints, working to align joints, increase movement & remove instability.
photograph of a happy office worker at a perfectly ergonomic work station
Ergonomic/Work Station Assessments
Many neck, shoulder, wrist and low back issues can be traced to poor workstation ergonomics. Clinicians identify and correct problems in work area design that lead to fatigue, injury or illness.
photograph of a reflexologist performing reflexology on a patient's foot
Through the application of pressure on specific parts of your hands and feet, reflexology aims to promote healing, reduce tension, and improve circulation, improve function.
photograph of an injured athlete running on a threadmill
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Custom treatment plans to help athletes effectively treat pain and return to normal function. Beneficial to those with ACL injuries, meniscus or rotator cuff tears, sprains/strains, tendonitis and more.
photograph of a woman with a clicking, popping, painful jaw due to TMD
Get relief from jaw pain, clicking, restriction, and locking. TMJ physiotherapy aims to reduce swelling, muscle spasms, and pain while restoring function and addressing underlying causes.
photograph of a woman with vestibular dysfunction
Vestibular Rehab
Custom treatment plans aim to retrain the brain to recognize and interpret signals from the vestibular system. Ease symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, balance issues, and more.
Pelvic Health
Dysfunction of the pelvic floor that can lead to incontinence, urinary or fecal urgency, chronic pelvic pain, and more, is treated with this specialized form of physiotherapy for men and women.
photograph of a physiotherapist performing conditioning exercises on an injured worker
Work Conditioning / Hardening
Return to work post-injury with confidence. This program focuses on physical conditioning to address issues of strength, endurance, flexibility, motor control and cardiac function.
photograph of a man with post concussion syndrome feeling dizzy
Concussion Management
An interdisciplinary team of health-care professionals will collaborate to provide integrated care to help you recover from a concussion, and relieve concussion symptoms.
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"Very professional Physiotherapy centre. Knowledgeable and excellent staff. Guided me on my rehab with a knee issue, and now it feels like new. Thank you Mex Physio."

Filip H - Google Review

"I have started going here very recently for neck and back pain. Seeing excellent results already. Very Friendly and Professional. I’m happy I found this place."

Jay R - Google Review

Clinic Location & Gallery

Coverage Options

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance
  • Health Benefit Plan
  • Work Injury Insurance
  • Self Pay (Cash/Debit/Credit/Cheque)
  • No Obligation

Direct Billing

  • MEX Physiotherapy Milton directly bills insurance companies for you when possible.
    Call for details.
  • Languages Spoken

  • English, Hindi, Arabic, Tamil
  • Parking

    • General Parking
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    1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
    Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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    1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
    Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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    Fill out the form below to request your physiotherapy appointment.

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    1594 Leger Way Building A, Unit 1
    Milton, Ontario L9E 0B9
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    Fill out the form below to request your physiotherapy appointment.

    Please check your email for your booking request confirmation.

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