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Virtual Care Physiotherapy

Virtual Care Physiotherapy

What is Virtual Care Physiotherapy?

Virtual care physiotherapy uses video conference technology to provide treatment services to patients who are unable to attend an in-person clinic appointment for any number of reasons.

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In a virtual care physiotherapy session, the patient connects with their practitioner via video conference technology on a compatible device such as a phone, tablet, computer or smart TV in order to receive treatment.

Despite the distance, the treatment remains largely the same, with the physiotherapist asking questions to assess your injury, levels of pain, and progress towards improvement, while helping guide you through the proper exercises for a healthy recovery.

What to Expect From a Virtual Care Physiotherapy Appointment

At the beginning of a Virtual Care session, your clinician will:

  • Review your ID
  • Obtain consent to participate in the session via the electronic communication platform
  • Proceed with the assessment or treatment in a similar manner as for an in-person appointment

This includes discussing your medical history, concerns and current status.

Any questions or concerns you may have about Virtual Care, such as privacy or follow-up sessions, are addressed during the session.

How to Book a Virtual Care Physiotherapy Appointment