Aralee Foote

Discipline: Massage Therapist
Qualifications: RMT
Languages spoken: English

Hello, my name is Aralee Foote. I am an RMT at PT Health.
I have had three years of training to become an RMT.
Some of my hobbies include writing, art, and making jewelry.
I like being an RMT because I like to see the progress that people make when I am treating them. It makes me really happy to hear people tell me that the work I am doing is helping them get back to a normal life.
Massage therapy is a great way to help people heal faster and reduce pain.
I also really like working with the PT Health team because they are a lot of fun and they make you feel right at home. They are also always there for you if ever you need help, it is a great atmosphere to work in.
I hope that everyone who comes through PT Health has a great experience and heals well.