Glenn Hendricks

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: BSc. (PT)
Languages spoken: English

Glenn graduated with degrees in Physical Therapy from The University of British Columbia (2000) and a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University. Additionally he holds certificates in Health and Fitness Studies and the Liberal Arts.

He is a function based physiotherapist who uses assessment tools and movement strategies to help people reach their goals. His treatment philosophy involves identifying and correcting underlying muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions then developing proper movement patterns through specific exercise correction. Treatment often integrates manual therapy, exercise prescription and client education.

Glenn takes a special interest in physiotherapy for the arts and recognizes that artists such as dancers, actors and musicians use their bodies just as athletes do to convey the nature of their art.

Outside of the world of physiotherapy, Glenn raced bikes competitively for over 10 years and has been involved with horses from a very young age. Working with these animals has given Glenn insight into the realm of non verbal communication, gesture and meaning, and the ability to see situations from another perspective.