John Westendorp

Discipline: Holistic Nutritionist
Qualifications: R.O.H.P./R.N.C.P.
Languages spoken: English

John is a Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from Edison Institute of Nutrition in 2019 with high honours, and holds the titles R.O.H.P./R.N.C.P. from the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC). John has been interested in the health sciences for many years, and the health issues he faced in his own life served as a powerful catalyst in helping him pursue his career as a nutritionist. John has a special focus on fitness nutrition, in addition to having much experience and expertise with mercury poisoning and how to accurately test for it. John takes great pleasure in helping people through their health related difficulties. He does so with general nutritional consulting, but also targeted, personal and individualized advice that he can offer when clients use an extensive analytical tool that uses each person’s own unique presenting symptomatology to figure out the status of many components and systems in the body. In his down time, John enjoys cycling, motorcycling, working out, hiking the Bruce trail and reading.