Natalie Lavie

Discipline: Certified Hand Therapist - PT
Qualifications: BPT, CHT
Languages spoken: English

Since graduation from university with Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2000, Natalie has been striving to broaden her knowledge and gain experience in various fields of the Art of Physiotherapy such as fitness, biomechanics, manual therapy and vestibular disorders, to name a few. In the recent years she found a special interest in Hand Therapy. As her interest in hands grew into passion, she has gradually shifted the focus and the caseload towards the upper extremity patients. She started working exclusively as a Hand Therapist in 2010 and in 2012 she completed all the HTCC requirements and successfully passed the examination to become a Certified Hand Therapist.

Natalie lives and works in Burnaby. She enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her family.