Nick Hannah

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: MPT
Languages spoken: English

Nick considers himself your ultimate teammate in rehab: you need a guide, not a ‘fixer.’ He takes great pride in his ability to give time for your story and listen to your needs.

He continues to update his clinical knowledge with the latest research to ensure you get the BEST care possible. When that knowledge-base is paired with a practitioner who is a genuinely good person, leads with the heart and truly cares for the people they work with, that’s when success happens. With Nick, you get all of that, plus your fair share of laughs along the way.

Nick understands that pain is a deeply personal experience and requires a holistic approach. He will empower YOU to reach your potential because what matters most to him is what matters most to you.

You and Nick will work closely together to develop the right plan pertaining to your goals, and with the right advice, education and exercise, you’ll be journeying back to YOU before you know it.