Nirali Mehta

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: Registered Physiotherapist
Languages spoken: English,Hindi,Gujarati

Nirali graduated from the Gujarat University in India with an Honors Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. She passed her physiotherapy license exam in Canada and graduated in 2018. Nirali worked as a physiotherapist in India and has experience treating a variety of patients back home. During her residency in Canada she worked in multiple private clinics the GTA. She is currently working as a Clinical team Manager as well as physiotherapist at Springbank and Stratford location.
Nirali’s areas of expertise include: acupuncture , dry needling and IMS, concussion therapy, manual therapy, soft tissue release, CRPS. Nirali has felt compelled to pursue further postgraduate education in pelvic health so she can combine her knowledge of the nervous system, pain management and pelvic health to better address these issues with her clients. She has completed her 3 levels of pelvic floor training level and she treats variety of Female and Male pelvic floor conditions. She has done her level A and B McKenzie training and she treats different lower back condition with McKenzie approach.Nirali also has experience treating vertigo and TMJ (jaw) patients.
Presently Nirali is also practicing in the community care Physiotherapist.
Nirali provides effective, evidence-based, meaningful care in a supportive, respectful and kind environment. She prides herself on individualized, one-on-one treatment and develops exercise programs geared toward the level and goals of the patient.
She believes that she will keep updating her skills and knowledge by taking advanced level courses. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, cooking, spending time with her husband and two huskies.