Pramod Bajracharya

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: PGDip in Sports Physiotherapy, GDip in Sprts and exercise science, Bachelor in Physiotherapy
Languages spoken: English,Hindi

Pramod started practicing Physiotherapy in 2008 after he graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in 2008. He continued to develop in his physiotherapy practice with continuous education and working in various settings like in a hospital, sports clinic, and private practices. He completed his Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science from Massey University, New Zealand in 2011. Pramod graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2013. Pramod focuses on biomechanical assessment to assess your body in great depth to reach the core of the problem and develop a treatment program to correct or eradicate the cause. He incorporates manual therapy (hands-on), manipulative therapy, and therapeutic exercises as part of the rehabilitative process to restore functional goals and achieve a long-term correction of the problem. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball and weight training outside of work to keep himself active for a healthy mind and body.

Pramod has most recently completed both the Arthritis Society’s Getting a Grip on Arthritis® osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis education program.