Shreyas Pol

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: Physiotherapist
Languages spoken: English,Hindi,Gujarati


In 2011, Shreyas received his bachelors degree in Physiotherapy from South Gujarat University, India. He started working in a busy and advanced spine clinic where he treated a lot of patients with severe cervical and lumbar degeneration. Along with the clinic he did a tremendous amount of community work in India, in which he treated patients with neurological anomalies.

In 2016, he migrated to Canada and started working in a busy private clinic in Brampton.He also began to do community work in the Midland region. Since October 2017, he has been with ptHealth, treating a wide variety of patients having musculo-skeletal and neuro muscular conditions.

Shreyas believes ‘Medical Education’ is an ongoing process, and hence, continues to enhance his university education by taking advanced courses, which includes:

• Maitland Manual therapy for spine.
• Mulligan Manual therapy for spine and peripheral joints.
• Kinesiotaping for spinal and peripheral joint muscles.
• Evaluation and treatment of foot dysfunctions and orthotics prescription.
• Treatment of shoulder dysfunctions via PSRP method (India based technique).

In addition, he has worked under a certified Mckenzie therapist, from whom he learned the basics of Mckenzie diagnosis and treatment. Also, he has a knowledge of dynamic control, which is an emerging technique for pain relief.