Tyler Chong

Discipline: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: MPT, Bkin, CPT, FDN
Languages spoken: English,French,Cantonese

Tyler has achieved a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia. Tyler specializes in treating sport and work related injuries, vestibular/concussion conditions, motor vehicle accidents, and has experience with effectively managing chronic low back pain and shoulder pain. Moreover, his treatment approach includes using IMS (dry needling), manual therapy, shockwave therapy, and electrotherapy to promote pain relief, followed by a graded exercise program to restore movement and function. Tyler has always been very passionate about sports medicine, health, and physical fitness. In the past, Tyler has volunteered as a weight training coach for the Special Olympics Vancouver team, and has worked as a lifeguard, personal trainer, and fitness instructor. In terms of his athletic background, Tyler was a competitive powerlifter and continues to train to stay strong and healthy for life. Recently, Tyler has joined a multi-sport recreational league with his church group, that includes volleyball, basketball, and soccer. With the evolving field of physiotherapy, Tyler is committed to keeping his practice up-to-date with modern research by reviewing new literature, and taking continuing education courses. Tyler is also dedicating his time towards educating others around him, as he has taken on leadership opportunities by joining the UBC Kinesiology Mentorship Program. Outside of the clinic, Tyler enjoys playing the piano, hiking, kickboxing, working out, and especially enjoys eating good food with his friends and family.