Yamini Mistry

Discipline: Physiotherapist - Floater
Qualifications: MScPT
Languages spoken: English,Gujarati

Yamini graduated from the UofT with a Masters in Physical Therapy (MScPT) in 2012 and is also the Clinic Team Manager. She has experience with various conditions ranging from the orthopedic to neurological conditions to sport injuries with all different age groups. Over her years she has developed a keen interest in treating people who are recovering from fractures or surgeries. She also treats various tendonitis’s, sprains/strains, bursitis, and arthritis conditions.

Yamini got into Physiotherapy because of her passion for getting people back on their feet and their regular activities after an injury. She believes in the multidisciplinary team based approach offered at Central Scarborough Physiotherapy for getting people better faster! Yamini has taken various orthopedic courses and is currently Level 2 physiotherapist.

Outside of the clinic, Yamini also maintains an active lifestyle, loves spending time with her dog, and also enjoys trying new and different cuisines from around the world.