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We care about

Corporate Responsibility

Why it Matters


Caring is at the core of pt Health corporate culture, whether it is caring for patients, our employees, or our community. We hold strong corporate values that emphasise continuous learning, open and honest communication, team unity, and always striving to do better. Our values are at the heart of our every action.

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Our Values

pt Health is dedicated to the health and well-being of each and every employee. As a healthcare provider, we know that health and safety play a key role in the happiness of each and every member of the pt Health team. We know that what we do affects everyone in our community (be they patients, employees, suppliers, or community partners), we consider this impact in every decision we make.

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Our Environment

At pt Health, we continuously monitor our environmental impact and look for ways to improve efficiency. Extensive planning, innovation, and investment has allowed us to do away with the unnecessary use of paper and significantly reduce our electricity use. We extend this care for the environment to every aspect of our business.

Our Culture

Happy and healthy work environments are the cornerstone of pt Health corporate culture. We wholeheartedly believe that our people are our greatest resource. As such, we continuously invest in our people and our communities through team building exercises, employee awards, and community engagement initiatives.

Organizations We Partner With

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