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Get Easy Access to Care After an Accident with ICBC


The BC government has created a more care-based car insurance system. As of April 1, 2019, ICBC benefits have increased for those involved in a motor vehicle accident.

This means you get timely access to the care you need without waiting for ICBC approval or paying additional fees.

Key Benefits Include:

  • No user fees
  • Timely access to more services
  • Pre-approved treatments within 12 weeks of the injury

The pt Health Advantage


Get the care you need to recover from our team of qualified clinicians with expertise in the complexities of motor vehicle injuries. Receive coordinated care that meets your unique needs with the convenience of multiple services available in one location.

Let us help you recover from whiplash associated disorder concussion, headaches, vertigo/balance issues, anxiety, mental health issues, and more.

For more information on ICBC pre-approved services, refer to the ICBC changes website.

The Right Treatment at the Right Time


Research has shown that early access to treatment can improve recovery results. Learn more about pt Health treatments for common conditions associated with automobile accidents.

Find A Location Near You


With clinics located in and around Vancouver, experience the convenience of accessing multiple services under one roof from a location near you.