Enhance your comfort with these 3 shoe lacing tips

pt Health Foot pain, Orthotics

This blog originally appeared on Lifemark.ca and was written by Paul Mäkinen – a Pedorthist at Lifemark Atlantic. Experiencing blisters or toe pain? Do your shoes feel too tight or too loose and uncomfortable? The way you tie your laces can help support various foot issues. Next time you’re lacing up your shoes, try these 3 lacing techniques to help enhance your …

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5 ways to help you feel more comfortable discussing mental health

pt Health Mental Health, Occupational Therapy

This blog originally appeared on Lifemark.ca and was written by Katherine Spicer – an Occupational Therapy student at Queen’s University. You may be aware of the impact of societal stigma around mental health on your life. For instance, maybe you find yourself minimizing your mental health concerns to avoid the label of “mental illness” and all that comes with it. Maybe you …

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Five conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care

pt Health Back pain, Neck pain

Natural and effective pain relief. This is what chiropractic treatment is all about, and yet some people need some convincing of its effectiveness. All that popping and cracking can be intimidating but rest assured manipulations are comfortable, and the result of high velocity, low amplitude mobilizations of spinal or other joints, or simply said gas. Approximately 4.5 million Canadians seek …

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Experiencing knee pain? These stretches and exercises can help

pt Health At-home excerises, Exercises, Knee pain, Pain Relief

This blog originally appeared on Lifemark.ca and was written by Arthur Szydlowski – a Physiotherapy student at Queen’s University. The knee is a complex joint designed to withstand different amounts and types of forces. Despite the resilience of your knees, placing more force on them than usual or putting them in a cumbersome position for an extended period may lead to tissue …

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Is This Normal? I Ache After Exercise

pt Health Is This Normal?, Limb pain

Whether you have started a new workout plan, changed up your workout routine, or maybe tried working out on some new equipment, the result is the same; pain. New exercises or a change in routine can leave your muscles stiff, sore and full of aches—even days after you have trained. It’s enough to leave you wondering, “Is it normal to be in pain after …

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The connection between pregnancy and hip pain

pt Health Back pain, Pelvic health, Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a remarkable life event that brings all kinds of changes to the human body. Most of these changes are temporary as our bodies grow and shift to accommodate its tiny growing inhabitant. Unfortunately, these natural transitions can be accompanied by discomfort in the low back, pelvis, groin, and hip regions. Hip pain can be common at any stage …

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The 7 Most Common Running Injuries

pt Health Ankle pain, Back pain, Foot pain, Knee pain

Though the joy of running is unlike anything else, the repeated movements involved can be hard on the body. We’ve all heard the stories or maybe even experienced some of them firsthand—the full-blown injuries that keep a runner’s shoes in the closet for weeks or months. Whether you’re running for pleasure or training for a race, you’re bound to have …

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What you need to know before starting a running program

pt Health Exercises, Fitness

This blog originally appeared on Lifemark.ca and was written by Paola Finizio – a Physiotherapist student at Queen’s University. Now that you have been building your aerobic capacity and preparing your body with specific strengthening exercises to return to or start a running routine, it is time to begin your 2021 running season. If you are someone who likes structure, you might …

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A keyboard showing a Google Button.

We Answer the Most Googled Physiotherapy Questions

pt Health Ask a Clinician

  According to Google, “one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information.” That’s not a surprising statistic, after all, we’ve all done it. Google is increasingly becoming our first stop in gathering relevant health information. From small aches and pains to more pressing concerns. Here we’ll answer the most Googled questions about Physiotherapy. Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP? The …

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