8 fun ways you can stay active this winter

pt Health Physiotherapy

It may be tempting to stay inside during the winter, but did you know that adults and seniors can experience significant health benefits by being active outdoors during the colder months of the year? In fact, it is beneficial for all of us, no matter the age, to embrace our inner child and head out into the snow! Benefits of …

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Exercise strategies and activities to help you work out at home

pt Health At-home excerises

Don’t feel like going for a run or leaving your house to go to the gym? We are often our own biggest barrier to getting moving, but it’s important to remember that a good workout not only makes you feel accomplished, it can also help you grow and give you mental and physical strength to get through life’s daily challenges. …

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Don’t let winter weather prevent you from receiving the care you need

pt Health Hybrid Care, Physiotherapy, Virtual Care

When winter weather has you thinking twice about driving your car, taking the bus, or even just leaving your home, it can be a challenge to get to your in-clinic appointment. Our team is dedicated to help you receive the best care, no matter the season. That’s why we’re continuing to offer virtual care as a treatment option. Through virtual …

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How to fix a knot in your back

pt Health Massage Therapy

If you have any kind of job that involves staying in a sitting position for long periods of time, then chances are you have experienced the “knot”, a muscle tension that feels like it’s sitting right under your shoulder blade, making it achy, burning and sore. You try to take a break and move around, but it doesn’t budge. When …

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Taming your sciatica: movements that can help ease discomfort

pt Health At-home excerises, Physiotherapy

In the world of rehabilitation, we often use the phrase “motion is lotion” meaning, frequent movement helps to combat barriers to engaging in activities that we enjoy. Have you ever dreaded walking your dog because you know the activity will cause a sciatica flare-up, or felt unable to go for a walk with a friend or family member because that …

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How to keep your hands healthy and moisturized this winter

pt Health Hands, Pain Relief

With the temperatures dropping, it is not unusual experience dry hands that itch and may even crack. We still have many months of this ahead of us, so how can we best manage our hands? There are other factors, besides hand hygiene, which contribute to making our hands vulnerable.  Addressing these will go a long way in preventing hand irritation. …

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How to warm up for golf in fall weather

pt Health Exercises, Physiotherapy

Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean you need to put the golf clubs away just yet.  However, it is important to ensure you’re properly warming up, increasing circulation to the large muscle groups involved in the game of golf. Specifically, the hips, shoulders, and torso require adequate flexibility to perform an optimal golf swing. By doing mobility …

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Relieve low back pain with these easy movements

pt Health Back pain, Pain Relief, Physiotherapy

4 out of 5 Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can vary from a minor annoyance to a debilitating condition. Next time it strikes, try these safe easy to do movements that can help relieve discomfort and get you moving comfortably again. To open the infographic and make it larger, click here. Note: The information listed …

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What is causing my jaw pain?

pt Health Pain Relief, Physiotherapy, TMJ

Do you experience pain in your jaw when you’re chewing, do you hear clicking or popping sounds when you open or close your mouth, are you suffering from headaches, pain in your ear, face, jaw, or neck, or has your jaw locked and are you unable to move it? If so, you may be experiencing problems with your temporomandibular joint …

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