A doctor tests a young athlete following a concussion

Concussion: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Uncategorized

  So you’ve bumped your head during a soccer game and now have a concussion. What’s next, you may wonder? Well, for the most part, the majority of people recover from a concussion within 7-10 days, however, up to 30% may have symptoms that last longer. How do you deal with these symptoms? Can physiotherapy actually help? Continue reading to …

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Image of pelvic health physiotherapist Marianne Custodio-Fox. Sherwood Park Alberta

Physiotherapist Spotlight: Marianne Custodio-Fox

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Spotlight

  We love talking about our clinicians, that’s why spotlights are some of our favourite posts. How could they not be when we have so many phenomenally driven and ambitious people working at our clinics across the country? For us, spotlights are a great chance to introduce our clinic team members, give them a platform to share what they love …

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Three Children with neon coloured backpacks walk down a busy city street.

Myth or Fact: Is a Heavy Backpack Bad for You?

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Limb pain, Neuropathy, Shoulder pain

With the start of the school year, we’re often asked: “is carrying a heavy backpack bad for me?” While there are a lot of variables that go into answering that question, one thing we can say for sure is that carrying an excessively heavy bag, backpack, or rucksack can cause compression on your brachial plexus (the network of nerves running …

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Two women sit cross legged on the floor while meditating for mindfulness.

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management

Amanda Garvin Modalities, Pain, Pain Relief

  We’ve all experienced pain in our lives, but what happens when the pain won’t go away? Having pain for months or years at a time (chronic pain) is a problem that 10-30% of the population will experience. So what do you do when you’ve tried everything to get rid of your pain and it’s still there? Recent evidence suggests …

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Asian man with rotator cuff related shoulder pain, pressing on neck and shoulders with painful expression

Rotator Cuff Injury: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Amanda Garvin Pain, Pain Relief, Shoulder pain

What is a Rotator Cuff? As humans, we have a lot of movement in our shoulder that allows us to reach, climb and swim. Unfortunately, having this much movement means that the shoulder is more likely to be injured. That’s where the rotator cuff comes in! The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles around the shoulder that help …

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plantar blog

Is This Serious? Why Do My Feet Ache?

Amanda Garvin Foot pain, Is this serious?

  From going for a jog to walking up the stairs to playing with the kids, our feet are an essential part of our daily routine. That’s why foot pain can be so disruptive and debilitating. You may be wondering, is it normal for my feet to ache like this all the time? This article will focus on one of …

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Woman lying facebown on a massage table receiving a dry cupping treatment

What is Cupping Therapy?

Amanda Garvin Modalities

If you watched the Rio 2016 Olympics, you may have noticed some of the athletes – including Michael Phelps – sporting some interesting bruising patterns. This circular red/purple mark is the result of a technique called cupping. Today we’ll discuss what cupping is, where it originated, and how it works. What is Cupping? Cupping is a technique that involves applying …

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Stroke rehab case study

Webinar: Stroke Rehab Case Study

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Events

  Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Time: 3:00 pm EST Duration: 1-hour Stroke is the third leading cause of death and adult disability. In Canada alone, there are 50,000 new strokes every year and 2/3 of those strokes happen in patients that are 65 and older. In fact, after the age of 55 your risk of having a stroke doubles every ten years. …

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Kayla McDougall PT at Cornwall Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Spotlight: Kayla McDougall

Heather Bridge Spotlight

  Clinician spotlights are some of our favourite posts and with so many wonderful, enthusiastic, and passionate people working at our clinics across the country, how could we not love turning the spotlight on them? For us, spotlights are a great chance to introduce these great team members and give them a platform to share what they love about their careers. Today, we’re turning …

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