6 Posture Fixes That Will Set You Straight!

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Back pain

It turns out our parents were right about good posture. Did you know that bad posture can actually make you feel depressed, lower your energy levels, and reduce circulation? Over time poor posture can wreak havoc on your body, causing pain, limited motion, reduced flexibility and even injury! So what can you do to improve your posture? Here are 6 …

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Therapeutic Ultrasound

The “Magic” of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Modalities

  Everyone knows about ultrasound imaging for pregnancy, but did you know it can be used as a therapeutic treatment too? The big difference between ultrasound imaging and therapeutic ultrasound is the frequency; with therapeutic ultrasound usually between 0.8MHz and 3.0MHz. Therapeutic ultrasound has been used by physical therapists since the 1940s and is still widely used for treating soft …

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Numb pinky

Is This Serious? Why is My Pinky Finger Numb?

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Is this serious?

Sometimes all you want to know is if something is serious or not. Experiencing any numbness or tingling in the hands can be worrisome for sure. Many people assume that these symptoms are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome but if you’re experiencing numbness in your pinky finger and half your ring finger it could be cubital tunnel syndrome. While we …

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Conditions associated with pregnancy

3 Possible Problems in Pregnancy

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Pregnancy

  So you or someone you love is pregnant, congratulations! This is an exciting time full of massive changes for the whole family. With pregnancy, the body grows and changes with incredible speed. So while Mom might be happy as can be, she may be experiencing some discomfort caused by weight gain, changes in posture, and a flood of hormones. …

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Frozen Shoulder

Seeking Care can Shorten Recovery Time for Frozen Shoulder

Kerrie-Ann Bernard Shoulder pain

  Simple everyday tasks like reaching overhead, brushing your hair, or reaching into your back pocket can become impossible with frozen shoulder, but what is it? Frozen shoulder is the common name associated with a condition called adhesive capsulitis. With the condition, connective tissues surrounding the shoulder joint begin to thicken and become tight forming what are called adhesions. Causes …

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5 Conditions that can be Treated with Chiropractic Care

Heather Bridge Back pain, Neck pain

Natural and effective pain relief. This is what chiropractic treatment is all about, and yet some people need some convincing of its effectiveness. All that popping and cracking can be intimidating but rest assured manipulations are comfortable, and the result of high velocity, low amplitude mobilizations of spinal or other joints, or simply said gas. I checked the numbers recently …

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Peter Ruttan

How did we do it?

Heather Bridge Company News

We are staying true to our grassroots mission as we grow from a small community of clinics to almost locations throughout Canada. The key to this growth has been the personal touch of Peter Ruttan, pt Health co-founder, and Director of Human Resources. A licensed physiotherapist himself, he understands what it is like to work with patients and believes employee …

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The 7 Most Common Running Injuries

Heather Bridge Ankle pain, Back pain, Foot pain, Knee pain

No pain, you gain: How physiotherapy can help prevent the most common running injuries As a runner, you know how to push through. From bad weather to blisters to stitches on your side, you’ve trained to let the little things slide in order to cross that finish line—even when that comes to pain. Though the joy of running is unlike …

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Ankle strain or sprain?

Is it a Sprain or a Strain – What’s going on with your Ankle Pain?

Heather Bridge Ankle pain

More than two million American and Canadian children visit the emergency room each year for ankle injuries.[i] Be it a sprain or strain – understanding the intricacies of this condition can help facilitate a prompt recovery which is why we are here to help break it (no pun intended) down for you. Sprain or Strain? A sprain means one or …

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