What is Sports Physiotherapy?

David Gregor Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy

One of the most common reasons that patients book physiotherapy assessments across our network of Canadian clinics is to treat injuries obtained from playing sports. From strains & sprains to full-on broken bones, our clinicians have seen it all. It’s no surprise: we’re an active country, and the intensity of some of our favourite athletic activities can easily lend themselves …

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A word cloud of common mental health disorders

CAMH Releases Workplace Mental-health Guide

David Gregor Mental Health

  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health last week released the Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders, a guide designed to advise companies on how they can support employees facing mental-health challenges – a growing area of focus and concern in the personal & professional lives of thousands of Canadians. From the CAMH website: “CAMH’s Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business …

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2020 marks pt Health’s 25th Anniversary

Kirsten Roesink Company News, Events

pt Health is incredibly proud to be marking its 25-year anniversary – a significant milestone and something worth celebrating! pt Health’s journey began in 1995 when Mark Cho, founder, opened his first physiotherapy clinic in Bowmanville, Ontario. Mark’s ambition was to offer multidisciplinary therapies that would provide more well-rounded care for his patients.  Together with like-minded clinicians the clinic network …

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Kickstart your New Year’s Resolutions with Physiotherapy

Kaitlynn Bonin Health, Miscellaneous, Standard

The turning of a new year symbolizes the turning of a new leaf for many of us, a chance to shed bad habits and start fresh. With a new year, we hope to see a new us. So what are the most common New Year’s Resolutions? Well, according to a 2017 survey, one-third of Canadians want to improve their fitness …

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The Benefits of Psychology in a Multidisciplinary Physical Treatment Practice

Kirsten Roesink Mental Health

The reaction to a physical injury or condition differs for every patient, but their overall mental well-being always plays an important role in their recovery.  Some injuries or conditions can have a negative impact on a patient’s mental health, influencing the recovery process. Working with a psychologist can be extremely beneficial for this type of patient. The psychologists at pt …

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Yes, We Can Direct Bill Your Extended Health Benefits for Physiotherapy

David Gregor direct billing, Health

Another very common question we get from patients planning on booking an assessment at pt Health is whether or not we offer direct billing for Extended Health Benefits. The answer is yes, we do! What are Extended Health Benefits?  Extended Health Benefits (EHB), also sometimes called Extended Health Care (EHC) or major medical benefits, are additional benefits that supplement expenses …

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8 Foods to Control Soreness and Joint Pain

Kaitlynn Bonin Arthritis, Health, Pain

Chronic inflammation is bad news. It’s been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and Alzheimer’s.  It can also worsen autoimmune diseases, arthritis, food allergies, and other issues and conditions. But the good news is, we can do a lot to manage pain and disease through what we eat. Less Wheat, Less Sugar You may not be happy to hear …

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Paperwork for Ontario Health Care, focusing on "Record your health card number" section

Is Physiotherapy Covered by OHIP?

David Gregor Health

One of the most common questions we are asked at pt Health clinics across Ontario is whether or not our physiotherapy services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, or OHIP. The short answer is yes and no. Read on to understand the specific cases where physiotherapy is covered by OHIP, as well as cases where it is not. …

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Gillian Goerzen Health and Fitness Coach

Guest Post: Top 10 Tips for New Runners

David Gregor Fitness, Health

  The following is a guest post written by Gillian Goerzen, a health & fitness coach in Nanaimo, BC who runs her own active site & blog over at superyou.ca. The content of this post does not necessarily reflect the views of pt Health or its employees. × Sign-Up For Our Newsletter! When you sign-up for our newsletter, you’ll be one of …

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