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The growing demand for health and rehabilitation services in Canada, along with stabilization of health care financing, has created a need to become more innovative in health care service delivery.

pt Health’s vision is to become a leading integrated healthcare provider through unique, innovative and timely solutions to meet this growing demand.

We collaborate and partner with a strong community of rehabilitation professionals, family physicians and orthopaedic specialists.

We develop lines of communication that not only increase patient care at the clinical level, but also help facilitate and streamline services within the family medicine community.

The result? Prompt delivery of health and rehabilitation services. Your patients can:

  • Access care in a timely manner
  • Have access to affordable care
  • Receive evidence-based management plans
  • Expect compassion and professionalism at every step

Through our relationships within the medical community we have developed and adopted efficient methods of communication and data sharing in order to efficiently co-manage patients with doctors and healthcare providers and ensure appropriate cross referrals to specialist services.

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