OHIP Physiotherapy Services

Ministry of Health Changes to OHIP Funded Physiotherapy Services


pt Health offers OHIP covered physiotherapy services in the following areas:

Summary of Changes


As of August 1st, 2013, the Ministry of Health changed how OHIP physiotherapy services are being funded and have expanded access to this funding across Ontario. We are excited to announce we are now a Community Physiotherapy Centre with the ability to offer OHIP physio funding to patients in many of our communities!

The new model, described as an “Episode of Care”, will consist of a block of physiotherapy treatments provided to patients that meet the OHIP criteria, however each Community Physiotherapy Centre has a maximum number of episodes of care that we can deliver per year.

The new model is focused on:

  • Treatment for specific conditions or diagnosis
  • Time-limited, goal oriented care
  • Education
  • Home exercise programs
  • Discharge to community programming or resources

The new model does NOT cover:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Falls prevention classes
  • Treatment to maintain an existing level of function
  • The cost of equipment or supplies needed for home use
  • Physiotherapy treatment, at the same time, for an injury that is funded by another source (i.e. worker’s compensation, CCAC, motor vehicle accident benefits or private health insurance plans.)

Eligibility Criteria (unchanged):

  • Seniors age 65 or over
  • Youth age 19 or younger
  • Post Hospital admission
  • On ODSP or Ontario Works

Common Questions


The number, frequency and duration of visits offered during each episode of care must be necessary and reasonable for the treatment of your condition. Your Physiotherapist will use their clinical judgement and evidence-based best practices to make that decision. Keep in mind, this program does not cover services aimed to maintain an existing level of function. A referral from a physician or nurse practitioner is required for each episode of care.

If you are not covered for physiotherapy as a result of a car accident or work injury AND you fit the eligibility criteria, you may qualify for this type of funding. However, keep in mind this funding is limited and for treatment of a specific injury or condition. Your Physiotherapist will recommend the best plan for you. If there is a wait list to get assessed, you are welcome to use private funding to obtain treatment earlier.

At discharge, your Physiotherapist will provide you with information on self-management and local programs including exercise, falls prevention, activation, or similar programs, as appropriate. They will also send a discharge report to your doctor or nurse practitioner.

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