WSIB/WCB Services

Cost Efficient Health and Rehabilitation Services for Employees.


We understand the stress that comes along with a workplace injury! pt Health is committed to making the back-to-work process more easier and more efficient.

When a WSIB/WCB patient chooses pt Health, they receive:

  • Timely access to comprehensive assessment.
  •  Outcome-based rehabilitation.
  •  Claim services for their injuries.

We also offer workplace assessment and consultation services to prevent occupational injuries from occurring in the first place.

pt Health’s administrative team coordinates communications with adjusters, physicians and partners to ensure that treatment is delivered quickly and effectively. We do this while staying committed to keeping costs to WSIB/WCB contained.

Contact a pt Health Preferred Provider Specialist for more information at: 866-749-7461. To refer a patient to a pt Health clinic, please click here.

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