6 Posture Fixes That Will Set You Straight!

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It turns out our parents were right about good posture. Did you know that bad posture can actually make you feel depressed, lower your energy levels, and reduce circulation? Over time poor posture can wreak havoc on your body, causing pain, limited motion, reduced flexibility and even injury! So what can you do to improve your posture? Here are 6 tips to get you on the right track:

Keep your head straight

Good Posture
Your ears should be in line with your shoulders.

Sit back

Sitting posture
Make sure your bum is all the way back in your chair.

Pull your shoulders back

Standing up straight
Rolling your shoulders back and then down will open up your chest and improve your posture.

Strengthen your core, hips & shoulders

Yoga plank posture
Doing strengthening exercises will help you build up the muscles you need to keep your body upright and properly supported.


If you work at a desk all day make sure to get up and walk around at least every 30 minutes. This will help relieve the stress that sitting places on the spine.


Physio for posture
Physiotherapy can help you re-train muscles and ligaments to improve posture and increase your range of motion. You can book an appointment with a qualified physiotherapist and start treatment almost immediately.

Bonus: Did you know that the Vestibular system is responsible for controlling posture? Learn more here

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