Are Custom Orthotics Right for You?

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Did you know that only about 25 percent of people have a normal running pattern, which means that their foot pronates just enough to absorb shock?

If you’ve ever tried squeezing your feet into shoes using a store-bought orthotics, you know that they don’t leave much wiggle room. Unless you have a classic foot shape, these products will not do you any good as they can compromise your biomechanics. Moreover, there are more than 800 insole products on the market. Now that is a lot to choose from! Depending on your pain or injury it can be tough to know if an investment in orthotics is worth it, so here we help you choose.

Think of custom orthotics like store-bought reading glasses. If you don’t have a prescription, help is limited. Custom orthotics, however, can take you from being in pain to a level of comfort and performance you didn’t know was possible.

Like your favorite shoes, custom orthotics are specially designed. They are made of a durable material comprised of dense impermeable foam meant to absorb high impact activities. Moreover, since they are more complex than off-the-shelf varieties, they will last you many years. Off-the-shelf varieties, while still useful for some, are made of gel, foam, rubber, or cork, and will last less than one year.  If you are suffering from a long-lasting injury, custom inserts may be worth the investment.

The bottom line is this; orthotics are one of the cheapest and easiest preventive measures for correcting foot problems. They can help reduce shin splints, backaches and unhealthy pressure on joints and ligaments. Even if you do not experience any pain, you can wear them in your shoes to increase your comfort level. Play sports? Dedicated sports orthotics are made up of resilient materials that you do not even feel.

Let pt Health be your guide to finding what works best for you. You may even discover a little foot therapy is all you need to start feeling your best again. Find a clinic near you and book your appointment today.

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