pt Health Sherwood Park: New Clinic Location in Alberta

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pt Health in its continued mission of providing easily accessible physiotherapy services to all Canadians is once again pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Alberta – pt Health Sherwood Park physio clinic.

The pt Health Sherwood Park physio clinic provides a wide selection of therapy programs and services through the coordinated efforts of highly competent and licensed Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists. Some of the clinic’s first-rate services include: orthotics, physiotherapy, chest therapy, sports medicine, occupational therapy, myofascial release, and interferential therapy are available to all residents of Sherwood Park and its neighboring areas in Alberta.

Located at 209-501 Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta, pt Health Sherwood Park is dedicated to best to its patients.

To schedule a no obligation appointment or to learn more about the services offered at pt Health Sherwood Park, please call toll free at (866) 749 – 7461 or visit

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