Virtual Physiotherapy Spotlight: Kelsey Ling

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Are you looking to continue your rehabilitative treatment while practicing physical distancing and self-isolating?

Good news! pt Health now offers virtual physiotherapy, giving you the opportunity to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home through video conference technology.

Wondering how virtual physiotherapy works? In this Spotlight, we’ll share some first hand information from one of our physiotherapists with you.

Kelsey Ling, Physiotherapist at Nose Hill Park Physiotherapy – pt Health, has been offering virtual physiotherapy here for the past few weeks.

Today, we’re talking to Kelsey about her experience with this service so far.

Q: Tell us about the type of treatments you can provide through virtual physiotherapy.

A: I provide assessment and treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident (MVA), work-related injury (WCB), acute injury or from a chronic condition.

Sessions include education your injury and how to self-manage at home, and individualized therapeutic exercises that are progressed each week.

Q: What has the patient experience been like with virtual care?

A: The concept was difficult to grasp for both clinicians and patients at first as physiotherapy is traditionally a very hands-on approach. However, a lot of information can be obtained from observing how someone moves and what makes their pain better or worse.

Often with the proper education on what and what not to do, along with a tailored exercise program, most patients’ pain levels improve. Patients appreciate the convenience of virtual sessions, and ability to show their painful movements in their home environment.

Q: Can you share your favourite story of how you helped a patient with virtual care?

A: One of my clients experiences low back pain when she leans forward to unload her dishwasher. Through virtual sessions I have been able to watch her do this activity and modify it so she has reduced pain levels.

She is able to demonstrate her exercises using exactly what she has at home (sometimes it’s using a household item) and I can give her verbal feedback on form, or show her what I want the exercise to look like.

It has challenged both patients and clinicians to think outside the box and be creative with what we already have.

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