Injury Psychology

About Injury Psychology


  • Helpful for stress related to injury.
  • May help better control injury related frustration.
  • Assistance with chronic pain and neurological disorder.
  • Help managing personal and emotional challenges.

What is Psychology?


A psychologist, or more specifically, a clinical psychologist offers expert counselling in hospitals, clinics or in counselling centres.

In today’s complicated world, there is an increased demand for psychologists. People who need help managing anger, suicidal tendencies, depression, relationship problems, career confusion, stress and the problem of coping with the death of a loved one seek the services of a psychologist.

More specifically, there are clinical psychologists who work in physical rehabilitation settings and treat people suffering from stroke, neurological disorders, chronic pain and other conditions. In a clinic or hospital, they may also assist medical and surgical patients struggling with illness or injury adjust to their altered circumstances.

How it Helps


There are many ways in which human beings deal with challenges, obstacles and pain. Some seek relief and freedom from problems by smoking, over-eating, seeking sexual gratification, resorting to drugs or venting out our frustration at others. While these are coping mechanisms, they are not constructive and will invariably lead to an increasingly negative outcome. This is where a psychologist can help.

Psychology can help us with many issues like anxiety, depression, stress, family problems, relationship issues, performance related issues, phobias, work-related tensions, sleep disorders, and others. Psychologists lead their clients to more constructive ways of coping and work with them towards building good self-esteem and a positive and optimistic outlook.

Common Questions


All three professions treat mental health, but the approaches are different. Psychiatrists look at mental problems as a symptom of a disorder. For example, they believe that lack of sleep, panic or excess stress and anxiety can lead to depression.

Since psychiatrists are medically trained, they will be able to prescribe drugs for treatment. Counselling looks into the feelings and hidden thoughts that may cause tension or stress in your life. It has a theoretical base. Psychologists are those who study and measure human behaviour scientifically and logically and have produced therapies based on this assessment.

A major part of psychological treatment for pain management deals with education.

Common psychological treatments include talk therapy and relaxation training where a person feels at peace with himself and also experiences pain reduction.

Although it may seem like a generalization, depression is typically due to excess stress and frustration. Psychologists help their patients deal with their negative feelings, discouraging behaviours and depressive thoughts. Psychologists guide their patients towards an understanding of what can be done to solve a problem. The goal is always to increase the confidence level and reduce depression and anxiety.

Yes, through behavioural intervention, harmful, addictive, obsessive behaviour can be halted and bad habits stopped. Behavioural intervention has long term benefits in regards to controlling discouraging and addictive behaviour. Behavioural modification programs include habit reversal programs, hypnosis, biofeedback, lifestyle counselling, autogenic training and progressive relaxation.

Coverage Options


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