Physical Demands Analysis

About the Physical Demands Analysis Program


pt Health Physical Demands Analysis provides employers with a detailed report outlining the physical demands of a particular job and the physical effects on employees who perform these functions.

  • Identifies specific physical demands of a job
  • Custom ‘job specific’ rehabilitation programs are created
  • Employers can make more informed decisions about work requirements based on the report
  • Employees are educated to reduce risk of physical injury on the job

What is PDA?


Physical Demands Analysis (or a job site analysis) is conducted on-site to evaluate the core duties that an employee performs on the job. The corresponding physical demands that the job places on an employee are also analyzed. The objective of the Physical Demands Analysis is to neutralize or remove any risks to employees identified in the course of the investigation. The report qualitatively shows the physical demands of a particular task.

During the course of the analysis, the employee is interviewed with the supervisor and a scientific assessment of a employee’s capacity to deal with the physical demands of the job is conducted.

Based on parameters like physical exertion, postural dynamics, body movement and ability to do jobs of a repetitive nature, a comprehensive report is prepared. The information is very important for designing a rehabilitation program like work conditioning.

How it Helps


Physical Demand Analysis is an objective evaluation of the duties involved in a job that can involve things like repetitive tasks, postures, physical load, forces etc. In a labor intensive job, Physical Demand Analysis assumes a more important role. As you get older, you become more susceptible to injuries that can result in permanent disability. A Physical Demand Analysis can identify risks and help avoid severe injury.

Depending on the the analysis, a detailed report outlining the physical demands of a particular job, the duties needed to fulfill them, and the corresponding physical efforts on workers is provided.

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The Physical Demands Analysis of Occupational Tasks in Neighborhood Pubs was a paper published on May 2005 that evaluated physical demands of three common pub occupations – bartending, waitressing and cooking in a pub in British Columbia, Canada.

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