Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Every year, more Canadians are discovering the benefits of alternative medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes things like acupuncture, dietary therapy, herbal treatments, Shiatsu massage, and Tui Na.

  • Holistic: no side effects and helps in overall well being of the patient.
  • Effective: focuses on the root cause of a medical problem.
  • Inexpensive form of treatment.
  • Recommended for effective treatment of chronic conditions.
  • Can be highly effective in combination with western medicine.

What is TCM


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes a set of traditional medical practices that originated in China.

Famous as the mainstream medical care of East Asia, Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the fastest growing alternative medical fields in the western world.

TCM encompasses herbal therapy, dietary therapy, Shitasu massage, Tui Na(Chinese manipulative therapy) and acupuncture to balance QI (energy flows in designated channels or pathways of the body) which results in healing, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is arguably, the oldest form of medicine, with an age old history of successful treatments, which date back 3000 years.

The principle of TCM is that if we have to cure a medical problem, we should deal with it at the root level, rather than just cure the symptoms.

How TCM Helps


Chinese therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a therapeutic practice that has been used for thousands of years. Today there is a rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, skin problems, respiratory disorders, insomnia, blood pressure problems, stroke, heart attacks etc.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been known to effectively treat each of these problems.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the focus is more than just a particular ailment. TCM also focuses on total physical, mental and emotional well-being for long term health.

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The Department of Internal Medicine, Kanazawa University, Japan has found that Chinese herbal remedy ‘Gegen-Tang’ may be useful as a preferred remedy for patients suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Researchers who have looked into effectiveness of TCM  to treat leukemia have observed that this form of treatment heals the complications of post bone marrow treatment in patients with leukemia and can speed up the recovery of patients.

Researchers at the University of Chicago have found that extracts from the Chinese herb ‘Scutellaria baicalensis’ contain potent antioxidants that can considerably reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals which contribute to the normal wear and tear of the cell.

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