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Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

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Chiropractors practice a manual approach. Doctors of Chiropractic are specifically trained to detect and correct problems in the spine, often before the patient is even aware they exist.

Chiropractors provide diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints.

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments, all of which are predicated on the specific needs of the individual patient.

After taking a complete history and diagnosing a patient, a chiropractor can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment/management plan.

They can also recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and may also provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling.

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