Exercise Prescription

About Exercise Prescriptions


As most people know, exercise plays a vital role in our overall health and wellness. With proper exercise:

  • The body becomes fitter, stronger, and more powerful.
  • The body’s stability, poise and balance is improved.
  • You are able to sense the movements of your body better.
  • Pain relief is achieved through regular performance of prescribed exercises.
  • Obesity, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and migraines can be managed.

What is an Exercise Prescription?


An important part of physiotherapy is exercise prescription. This plays an important role in improving the performance and functioning of the body area under rehabilitation.

The physiotherapist assesses and evaluates the right course of physiotherapy treatment that can help the individual recover and become fit and healthy.

The exercises that are prescribed include active motion, strengthening, stretching, balancing, and conditioning exercises.

A physiotherapist includes exercise prescription as a major component in his or her treatment techniques. This form of treatment is continually applied, assessed and reviewed to suit the needs of the patient.

Exercise prescriptions revolve around the goals that the physiotherapist sets for the patient to fully recover and regain his or her former level of fitness. Exercise is a very good preventive measure against the possibility of future complications or illnesses.

How it Helps


If you are an athlete or someone who believes in optimal fitness, you are serious about working out. However, this is not limited to athletes and health buffs. Fitness trainers and physiotherapists develop exercise prescriptions or guidelines for patients as well.

A personalized workout regimen is beneficial to patients since it addresses their individual needs, leading to recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

With the right set of workout routines in an exercise prescription, the body functions efficiently. The exercise program should take into consideration the health status, physical activity, goals, and interests of the patient.

The physiotherapist will be able to integrate all these factors and develop an overall exercise plan that also targets problem areas.

Common Questions


The physiotherapist does a thorough assessment before giving an exercise prescription. The assessment can involve determining joint related problems, musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular fitness, abdominal fitness, general mobility, arthritis, pregnancy, blood pressure, and respiratory illnesses, among others.

The physiotherapist works with a physician who will update him or her on the status of the patient’s health.

Yes, a general physical examination is conducted by the doctor. The doctor will update the physiotherapist about any health issues that may be an impediment to the exercise program. A physician’s clearance is needed before the physiotherapist designs the fitness program.

The exercise prescription starts at two or three times a week and can be increased to five or six times a week.

Cardiovascular exercises target large muscle groups and can include exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling. These exercises promote blood circulation to the muscles and proper heart functioning.

The physiotherapist develops the exercise prescription, the types of exercises and their duration in line with your health condition and fitness levels. The prescription can be at a minimum of ten minutes of exercises daily. If possible, one should strive for 30-60 minutes of regular exercise four or five times a week.

Coverage Options


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1.    The Diabetes Educator (Diabetes Educ), published in the United States has stated that:

Proper manipulation of the exercise prescription components can create the desired health and fitness benefits, provide a high level of carbohydrate utilization, and control exercise risks while maintaining exercise intensity at aerobic levels.”

2.    The journal Cardiology clinics (Cardiol Clin), published in United States, states that exercise prescription is a primary component of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programming.

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