About Phonophoresis


  • Non-invasive method of administering medications to tissues beneath the skin.
  • Alternate option for injections.
  • Ensures that medication is dispensed to the targeted area.
  • No side-effects and ensures fast recovery.
  • Helps in treating wide range of conditions.

What is Phonophoresis?


Phonophoresis is a therapy that involves usage of ultrasound so that topical drugs can be absorbed effectively and at a faster rate.

The topical medication that is present inside or beneath the ultrasound gel is driven to reach deep down inside the tissue by making use of the sound waves of the ultrasound.

Phonophoresis can help achieve profound results compared to medicines applied by hand.

How Phonophoresis Helps

For many conditions such as muscle pain, headache, sprains and backaches, most of us resort to oral pain killers. Though it may provide relief from pain, oral medications can affect other parts of the body where the action of the pain killing drug is not needed.

With the application of ultrasound, the medicines are applied on the affected area deep inside the skin tissues. It is a completely painless procedure which involves no side effects. Medicating the whole body can lead to unhealthy complications. Phonophoresis is an effective way to only target and treat the affected injured area.

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A study conducted by researchers from the University School of Physical Therapy, Izmir, Turkey concluded  that iontophoresis and phonophoresis of naproxen are equally effective electrotherapy methods in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.

Another study conducted at the University of Virginia revealed that a phonophoretic effect occurred with dexamethasone when its application saturated the skin.

A research study was conducted to examine the therapeutic effects of phonophoresis with ketoprofen in gel form in patients with enthesopathy of the elbow and it was found out that the results support the application of phonophoresis with ketoprofen in the treatment of epicondylitis.

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