Midland Physiotherapy Brings Back Hydrotherapy Program

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Midland Physiotherapy, a family member of PT Health Solutions, is excited to announce that they have reinstated their hydrotherapy program. Hydrotherapy, or therapeutic exercise that takes place in the water, is an extremely beneficial form of therapy used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and for rehabilitation of muscle tears and injuries. Hydrotherapy enables individuals to exercise without impact on joints and already injured, sore or healing muscle and tissues.

Midland Physiotherapy, located in Midland Ontario, has been serving the rehabilitative needs of Ontario residents for years and specializes in sports injuries, auto accident and work related injuries that require physical or occupational therapies. Goals of Midland Physiotherapy and PT Health Solutions is to determine and treat causes of pain, enhance quality of life and learn preventive measures that reduce the chances of re-injury.

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy as it is often called, is ideal for many patients recovering from injury, as movements may be easily facilitated without additional pain in a water environment. Studies have shown that physical exercise in water disperses and decreases weight on body joints and enhances movement while decreasing pain at the same time. Increase mobility, range of motion and obtaining maximum daily living activities (ADLs) is the goal of Midland physiotherapy using a multitude of disciplines.

Staff at Midland physiotherapy know that hydrotherapy offers additional benefits, including improved lung and heart function and the ability to reduce gravity for more effective and efficient movement of extremities without the impact of gravity on joints. Water exercises are often utilized to help improve strength and balance and water offers the perfect yet gentle resistance necessary for gradual strengthening of those suffering from bone degenerative diseases, fractures or muscle injuries.

Midland Physiotherapy offers expertly trained and certified professionals with a wealth of experience to provide stroke, amputee and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as bracing, orthotics, fitness evaluations and PT Health arthritis management, among dozens of additional services and treatments designed to get Canadians back to their daily activities.

Physiotherapy massage therapy helps reduce pain, increase flexibility and range of motion as well as joint movement that leads individuals back toward self independence and sufficiency. Open Monday through Friday, Midland Physiotherapy continues to proudly serve Midland and surrounding areas, and provides the best in care, physiotherapy options and rehabilitation that PT Health Solutions has to offer.

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