Virtual Physiotherapy Spotlight: Arzoo Avasthi

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Are you looking to continue your rehabilitative treatment while practicing physical distancing and self-isolating?

Good news! pt Health now offers virtual physiotherapy, giving you the opportunity to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home through video conference technology.

Wondering how virtual physiotherapy works? In this Spotlight, we’ll share some first hand information from one of our physiotherapists with you.

Arzoo Avasthi,Physiotherapist at Advantage Health Royal Oak Physiotherapy – pt Health, has been offering virtual physiotherapy here for the past few weeks.

Today, we’re talking to Arzoo about her experience with this service so far.

Q: Tell us about the type of treatments you can provide through virtual physiotherapy.

A: Through virtual care I am able to provide essential education and advice regarding someone’s injury and advice on how they can manage it at home.

I am also able to provide them with a home exercise program which will aide in the healing process of the injury and also make sure that the injury does not plateau. 

I provide them with videos that show how the patient can do these from home.

I also provide them with techniques on how they can do some of the manual treatments themselves that we usually provide them in the clinic.

I particularly specialize in return to sport exercises and this is a great time to be working on that off season training and prehab from home!

Q: What has the patient experience been like with virtual care?

A: It has definitely been a learning curve from both sides, but so far the patients have been really enjoying the services being provided. Most of them do not feel like they are missing out from not being able to come into the clinic for treatment.

Q: Can you share your favourite story of how you helped a patient with virtual care?

A: I have a patient who does not speak English so doing sessions with her is really challenging, but we are able to communicate and spend the whole session going through a really good home workout session and she has really been improving during these few weeks!

I have another client who prefers to spend our session doing more education and advice. She finds this helpful in discovering what she needs to do and what not to do at home in order for her pain to decrease!

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