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Older Adult Therapy

Older Adult Therapy

Older adult therapy includes physiotherapy services for people who are in the later phase of life. pt Health wants to make sure quality of life stays high and that mobility and movement remains as free and unrestricted as possible, even after an injury or illness.

Aging is a natural process and something to be embraced! But for all the life experience and wisdom gained along the journey, there are also some age-related problems that may affect daily activities and functioning. It happens to the best of us! The goal at pt Health is to manage and treat any problems before they become too challenging so that you can get on with your daily activities.

We know that independence, health, and wellness are paramount for a happy life. Our Older adult therapy program is here to make sure that life is lived to the fullest every day.

What to Expect

Growing old is a natural part of life. However, as we all know, with the passing of time our body does not always function at the optimal level as it used to.  An injury or illness can offset our ability to do a lot of tasks that we do in our daily lives.

The other reality is that some chronic conditions have an onset that occurs later in life. Arthritis, dementia, coordination problems, partial loss of eyesight, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease are among these.

However, it is possible to lead our lives with independence, dignity, and fun if we take concrete steps to make sure that we are physically and mentally fit as we age.

Here are some of the benefits the Older adult therapy program offers:

  •  Helps relieve pain from osteoarthritis, a common problem in older adults.
  •  Useful in controlling and limiting Parkinson’s Disease.
  •  Helps maintain balance, reduce falls, mobility, and stability.
  •  Recommended to aid in cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

pt Health physiotherapists will be able to assess your current condition and prescribe treatments to get you better. At your first appointment, you can expect:

Medical History
Your physiotherapist will sit down with you to take your medical history. They may ask questions about your current condition and any other pre-existing conditions that may be contributing to your current state.

Physical Assessment
After taking your history, your physiotherapist will begin a physical evaluation. Evaluating your mobility and range of motion through different exercises. This will help your physiotherapist to determine what your current abilities are and what needs to be done in order to get you where you would like to be.  

Goals and Treatment Plan
Following your assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss your condition and work with you to set goals and develop a treatment plan. Your physiotherapist will explain the plan and answer any questions you might have.

Coverage Options
pt Health services are covered by most healthcare plans. Typically, these plans pay 80-100% fee for service.

In some cases, we also accept Veterans Affairs and Medicare, such as OHIP (Ontario), Alberta Health Care and Medical Service Plan MSP (British Columbia). Not sure if you’ve got coverage with one of these government plans? We can help you find out. Just call us toll-free at 1-866-749-7461.

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