Five conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care

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Natural and effective pain relief. This is what chiropractic treatment is all about, and yet some people need some convincing of its effectiveness. All that popping and cracking can be intimidating but rest assured manipulations are comfortable, and the result of high velocity, low amplitude mobilizations of spinal or other joints, or simply said gas. Approximately 4.5 million Canadians seek chiropractic care each year. For what you ask? Here are five conditions that can be relieved with chiropractic treatment.

Lower back pain (LBP)

Low Back Pain

A common complaint, LBP could be due to trauma or strain. Often leg pain will accompany the pain which can be acute (less than six weeks), sub-acute (six to 12 weeks), or chronic (12 weeks or more). It can also be widespread or localized, but nonetheless, it makes daily activities a drain so much so it accounts for 40% of missed work days. For a majority of people, the pain will go away on its own in about three months, but the chance for recurrence without treatment remains high. Along with physiotherapy, the benefits of chiropractic treatment are such that manipulation releases nerve and tissue pressure, increases the range of motion, and promotes endorphin release.

Abdominal Conditions

Abdominal Conditions

Have you ever gotten a stomach ache when you are nervous? Emotional stress can do that to you as it sends physiological processes into overdrive. However, when you suffer from ongoing heartburn, bloating, menstrual cramps or IBS it could be due to spinal misalignment which thus affects the lumbar and thoracic nerves. Manipulation in these areas can often lead to immediate relief and offer prevention against future attacks.



Approximately 2.7 million Canadians suffer from migraines. The cause is up for debate, but some feel it is a hormonal response while Doctors of Chiropractic believe migraines are due misalignments that irritate the spinal nerves and tissues thus sending unwarranted messages to the brain. Manipulation can help realign the vertebrae, therefore, relieving this irritation. Tension headaches which originate in the neck are especially receptive to manipulation of the upper two cervical vertebrae and thoracic spine.



Just like the abdomen region can be affected your emotions, so too can the spine. If you have suffered a vertebrae injury, it is possible your spinal cord is constricted and therefore compromising messages to the brain. Many patients have told me they feel immediate relief following an adjustment. Pain is reduced, and they feel calmer perhaps because of tension release or the release of the body’s endorphins, a natural mood booster. In a survey of more than 2,800 patients, 72 percent felt emotional improvement.



Hear me out on this one. Chiropractic treatment boosts the immune system, and a well running nervous system is part of the equation. While it is not a cure-all for allergies, chiropractic care helps by correcting imperfections in the upper cervical spine which can make you prone to exaggerated allergy symptoms.

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