Dunnville Physiotherapy Announces The Inclusion Of Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

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Dunnville Physiotherapy has now added vestibular rehabilitation to the list of therapies and programs for the residents of Dunnville and surrounding areas. This will greatly benefit patients with dizziness and vertigo, which afflict many seniors across Canada.  A past study resulted in 14.3% of seniors who participated in the study, reported experiencing dizziness on more than one occasion over the past month.

Post motor vehicle accident patients, more often than not, also experience vertigo and dizziness; many of them are unaware that there are available treatments that will help them ease the difficulties brought on by vestibular imbalance. Dunnville Physiotherapy now offers vestibular rehabilitation using manual treatments and specific exercises to decrease the dizziness, reduce vertigo and improve balance.

Vestibular problems are likely to affect vestibulo-ocular reflex, which is responsible for gaze stabilization and eye movement when you move your head. It will also influence vestibulospinal reflex, which controls musculoskeletal stability.

An individual will need to undergo vestibular rehabilitation when he or she suffers from imbalance which will force the body to make the necessary adjustments and develop new movement patterns. These adjustments, in turn, usually result in muscle stiffness, headaches, vertigo, and general fatigue. People with vestibular problems are said to have lost their sixth sense, or balance, and can become exceedingly reliant on their vision and the information that the brain receives from muscles and joints, also known as proprioception.

vestibular-rehabilitationPhysiotherapy can help a patient regain control of his or her life through a personalized therapy treatment by doing a comprehensive assessment of the extent of the condition. Based on this assessment, an exercise program can be carried out. Exercises will involve eye, head, and body movements. The exercises will gradually increase in intensity to strengthen and condition the muscles.

However, to achieve the best results with the physiotherapeutic sessions, the exercises will have to be performed correctly and regularly. This will enhance coordination of the signals from the eyes, muscles and joints, as well as the vestibular system.

In a recent study by Hillier in 2007, vestibular rehabilitation using generalized exercises in 21 clinical trials resulted in noteworthy improvements among patients suffering from unilateral peripheral vestibular dysfunction. On the other hand, patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) responded to more specific exercises.

Vestibular problems can be remedied. A patient suffering from vertigo doesn’t have to live with it. Something can be done, and the staff at Dunnville Physiotherapy can help you ease the discomfort and bring back your quality of life.

To schedule a free consultation or to learn more about the vestibular program offered at Dunnville Physiotherapy, please call toll free at (866) 749 – 7461 or visit www.DunnvillePhysio.PTHealth.ca


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