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Many issues, like osteoporosis and pelvic floor dysfunction, disproportionality affect women. Clinicians at pt Health can address these issues, providing effective treatment through all stages of life. Learn about some of the ways we can help women live better lives below:

Perinatal massage therapy

Perinatal massage therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can help relieve the pain and discomfort that women may feel during pregnancy.

It can help reduce swelling that happens in different parts of your body throughout pregnancy by stimulating soft tissue and improving circulation. Perinatal massages can work to alleviate pain by aiding the flow of blood, releasing tension, and relaxing the nervous system. Learn more about how massage therapy can help.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Your pelvic floor muscles do a lot: they support the organs above them, control the bladder and bowel, and play a part in healthy sexual function. They also work with your abdominal and back muscles to stabilize and support your spine.

When something goes wrong with your pelvic floor muscles, it can lead to leakage, frequent trips to the bathroom, sexual frustration, and pain.

A pt Health pelvic floor physiotherapist will help address any underlying issues with your pelvic floor muscles. They will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that may include a variety of approaches such as manual therapy, pelvic floor muscle facilitation and exercise programs, soft-tissue release, and more. Learn if pelvic floor physiotherapy is right for you.

Physiotherapy for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects as many as one in three women. It causes bones to become thin and porous, decreasing bone strength and increasing the risk of breaking bones. Treating osteoporosis effectively involves a multifaceted approach, which includes exercise, dietary changes and/or supplements, and physiotherapy.

pt Health physiotherapists can develop an individualized exercise program and make actionable recommendations based on your limitations and health history, so you can get back to life and enjoy your favourite activities again.

Cancer rehabilitation

Navigating information about cancer recovery can be challenging, and it can sometimes be difficult for cancer survivors to feel supported without the tailored information and care that they need.

We can help. Our highly trained health professionals have expertise in the complexities of cancer rehabilitation and can address many physical and emotional side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Fall prevention and vestibular therapy

Vertigo disorders affect more women than men; and your risk of falling increases as you age. Falls can result in injuries including wrist fractures, hip fractures, or head trauma. Even just the fear of falling alone can make people restrict their activities. Many conditions can increase your risk of falling including certain medications you might be taking, inner ear dysfunction, and more.

Vestibular therapists at pt Health have many tools for measuring balance, calculating fall risk, evaluating the vestibular system, and reducing dizziness and falls. Learn more about vestibular rehabilitation and fall prevention.

pt Health offers many more services for women of all age groups. If you are experiencing any issues and feel you need support, book an appointment today.

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