Naturopathic Medicine Now Offered at Four Hamilton Area PT Health Clinics

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naturopathic-medicineFour PT Health Clinics in the Hamilton area now offer Naturopathic MedicineBrant Active Physiotherapy, Mountain Physiotherapy, Stoney Creek Physiotherapy Clinic and Victoria Physiotherapy are pleased to announce the inclusion of the new program to their extensive array of therapies and services.

Naturopathic Medicine is part of our multidisciplinary approach to wellness and rehabilitation. It is a group of different therapies and treatments which rely on nature’s healing capacity. Treatment approaches include nutrition and proper diet, botanical medicine, and vitamin/mineral support. Other manual therapies Naturopathic Doctors employ to help patients address acute and chronic health issues include acupuncture, wellness counseling, and topical tissue support.

There are six key principles in naturopathic medicine: 1) promote the healing power of nature, 2) first do no harm, 3) treat the whole person, 4) treat the cause, 5) prevention is the best cure, and 6) the physician is a teacher. These principles ensure that you will be given effective natural treatment for your disorders. Some of the most common conditions treated using naturopathic techniques include: arthritis, insomnia, fatigue, mood disorders, depression, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalances.

Naturopathic doctors from Brant Active, Mountain Physiotherapy, Stoney Creek Physiotherapy and Victoria Community Rehab PT Health Clinics are now available to provide patients with the benefits of naturopathic medicine.  To arrange an appointment call toll free at 866-749-7461.


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