Don’t let winter weather prevent you from receiving the care you need

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When winter weather has you thinking twice about driving your car, taking the bus, or even just leaving your home, it can be a challenge to get to your in-clinic appointment. Our team is dedicated to help you receive the best care, no matter the season. That’s why we’re continuing to offer virtual care as a treatment option.

Through virtual care, you will receive high quality and effective care to from the comfort of your home. It allows our clinicians to educate, provide and progress exercises, and advance your treatment.

Hybrid Care – Combining virtual and in-clinic appointments

Hybrid care is a treatment option that combines in-person treatment and virtual care. Let’s say you are coming into one of our clinics for an in-clinic assessment with a physiotherapist for a lower back injury. Your physiotherapist can complete your evaluation, develop a personalized treatment plan, then schedule virtual appointments with you to follow your progress over the next few weeks. If you experience an exacerbation and require further in-clinic care, or if you require modalities not available through virtual care, your physiotherapist can cancel a virtual appointment and reschedule it as an in-clinic appointment.

Hybrid care is also a great option if you are not always able to attend an in-person session, due to whatever reason, including inclement weather.

Client feedback on our hybrid care model has been overwhelmingly positive. The benefits of hybrid care include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the need to leave the home during inclement weather
  • Increasing the flexibility for scheduling
  • Allowing an opportunity for clinicians to gain a first-hand experience of a client’s ergonomics, environment, etc.
  • Avoiding child-care needs
  • Allowing opportunities for those in remote locations, on vacation within the province, transportation issues or driving anxieties to access care
  • Allowing for the sharing of online documents and other useful materials to better educate our clients
  • Allowing greater access to multidisciplinary teams

If you remain uncertain about the use of video conference technology and our virtual care services, we encourage you to contact a pt Health clinic representative and allow our team to address your concerns. For further information about virtual care options, we ask that you explore our introduction video, or turn to this useful article.

For further guidance on Hybrid Care or to schedule an appointment find a pt Health clinic closest to you, or book online.


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