Virtual Physiotherapy Checklist: What You’ll Need at Home For Your Online Appointment

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As we mentioned in our recent post covering
five advantages of virtual physiotherapy, this new form of treatment is likely here to stay even as we move towards a post-COVID world (which, admittedly, is still some time away).

That said, we thought we’d lay out a nice & easy list of what you’ll need at home for a virtual physiotherapy appointment.

(Good news – it’s not that long of a list!)

A desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

A virtual physiotherapy appointment can be accessed through a wide range of devices – and you just need one!

Pick your preference and connect with your practitioner on the device with which you’re most comfortable.

Bonus: you don’t need to install any additional software for your session – we email you the instructions, and all you need to do is follow the link!

Your identification.

At the beginning of your appointment, your physiotherapist will request to verify your identification, so be sure to have a form of valid ID ready for presentation.

A comfortable, roomy & private space.

Similar to an in-person session, you need to ensure you’re in a roomy, comfortable space for the duration of your appointment.

You should also ensure you’re in a private area to ensure the utmost confidentiality and a fully focused, one-on-one session with your physiotherapist.

It’s best to prepare your space ahead of time so you can make the most of your appointment from start to finish.

Loose-fitting clothing.

This falls under the general umbrella of physiotherapy as a whole, but it is just as important for a virtual appointment as it is an in-person one.

It is essential to ensuring as much freedom of movement as possible throughout the session, so be sure to raid your closet for comfortable, loose-fitting clothes prior to your session.


Finally, we want you to rest assured that despite the distance of a virtual physiotherapy session, your practitioner is still available to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have regarding your health, progress, or anything else you feel the need to discuss.

So if anything comes to mind during your appointment, bring it up! We’re still here to help.

Book a Virtual Care Session Today

As you can see, the checklist for a virtual physiotherapy appointment is pretty light & easy! 

If you’re able to cross off all these items and want to give this new type of a treatment a try, visit our virtual care page and book an appointment today.


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