Brant 730 Physiotherapy Burlington Clinic Gets Diamond Status

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brant-730-physiotherapy-gary-cooke-clinicdirectorupload_image_137This year has been a good year for one of PT Health’s Burlington Physiotherapy Clinics – Brant 730 Physiotherapy. And one of the high points for Burlington’s Brant 730 Physiotherapy in 2008 was being recognized as a “Diamond Status Physiotherapy Office” as voted by residents of Burlington Ontario.

“We’re so thrilled to have been nominated and voted as one of the top Burlington Physiotherapy Clinics.  Our team really works hard to take care of every patient that walks through our door, but to be recognized for it too, really inspires us to think of even more ways to improve our service for the residents of Burlington”  – Gary Cooke, Clinic Director of Brant 730 Physiotherapy.

Deanna St. Clair, a registered Physiotherapist at Brant Active Rehabilitation, a sister clinic of Brant 730 Physiotherapy, was also recognized as Diamond Status Physiotherapist, under the “Best People” category.

Congratulations Brant 730 Physiotherapy and Deanna St. Clair.  Enjoy your well-deserved awards!


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