Flamborough Physiotherapy Introduces “Fit Fore Golf” Program

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waterdown physiotherapyFlamborough Physiotherapy is pleased to announce that they are officially licensed to provide therapy and training in swing mechanics and assessment, analysis and correcting poor golf swings that take body dynamics and mechanics into mind. The new Fit-Fore-Golf program is geared and especially designed to help golfers (and anyone else) plagued by lower back pain by encouraging therapies that focus on strength and endurance.

Flamborough Physiotherapy is a Waterdown physiotherapy that is a part of PT Health Solutions, one of the largest and most well-known physiotherapy organizations in Canada. Dedicated to helping individuals of all ages with their physiotherapy needs, PT Health and Flamborough are more than happy to have the opportunity to relieve pain caused not only through injury, poor posture or poor lifting ergonomics, but also biomechanical pain caused by that faulty golf swing.

Flamborough Physiotherapy encourages their patients to find the causes of lower back pain and not merely address symptoms. Prevent pain, restore a zest for activity and enhance quality of life. Don’t let back pain rob the joy from life. Flamborough Physiotherapy treats all kinds of clients with all kinds of problems. From injury education to home care and injury prevention, Flamborough Physiotherapy and PT Health Solutions have your back!

Flamborough Physiotherapy has treated hundreds of patients with back pain and provides therapies that focus on pain relief, treating the cause and making sure that an active lifestyle is maintained, no matter what your handicap.


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