Hagersville Physiotherapy Offers New Program for Patients With Blood Pressure Problems

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Blood pressure problems? Daniel Agostinelli, a physiotherapist with the Hagersville Physiotherapy Clinic is offering a new program for patients dealing with blood pressure problems.

The program, running three times a week for eight weeks, is focused on helping individuals decrease blood pressure and make lifestyle changes such as improving dietary and nutrition habits, to fight conditions that cause changes in blood pressure that result in compromised health.

Studies have shown that decrease in body weight in turn decreases blood pressure, which offers all-around benefits to any individual’s health. In addition, lower blood pressure actively collaborates with the effectiveness and use of many prescribed medications, which may in turn reduce the number or doses of medications patients have to take.

The new program, focused on addressing blood pressure problems, is designed to help all ages and physical fitness levels, and focuses on education and guidance to help young and old alike take control over their own health and well-being through diet, exercise and self-awareness.

The Hagersville Physiotherapy Clinic is a member of Canada’s PT Health Care Solutions, one of the largest and fastest growing Healthcare companies throughout Canada. Hagersville Physiotherapy Clinic specializes in treating sports and vehicle collision injuries and includes services such as chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage.

Located in Hagersville, this full accessible physiotherapy clinic is located at the intersection of King and Main street.

Daniel Agostinelli is pleased to provide such services to the area residents and is dedicated to helping patients improve quality of life by keeping them heart healthy, as well as instructing and offering guidance in the benefits of improving dietary habits and making lifestyle changes that result in happier, healthier bodies.

Learn more about Hagersville Physiotherapy At www.HagersVillePhysio.PTHealth.ca


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