New Injury Library Provides a Valuable Resource for Physiotherapy Patients

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injurytoolONTARIO (PRWeb) Feb. 20, 2010 – PT Health, a Canadian network of physiotherapy clinics, is pleased to announce the addition of a new health injury library on its Web site at The in-depth patient injury library, added as part of an upgrade to the site, provides a wealth of information about different injuries, conditions and therapy programs.

The library is designed to give people unique access to information to assist them with an injury or rehabilitation. “The injury library features hundreds of high-quality, medically-accurate articles that are written in layman’s terms by actual practitioners,” said Christian Krohn, marketing director of PT Health, which focuses on providing safe, natural, non-surgical therapy. “It is a very valuable resource for people, and we are excited to offer it on our Web site.”

The Web site’s new injury library is a helpful tool for patients wanting to learn more about their specific injury prior to starting treatment. It’s also an excellent resource for anyone who is researching various treatment options. Visitors will find the library extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. To facilitate the search process, most injuries are conveniently broken down by issues, symptoms, anatomy and surgery.

The article topics cover injuries associated with many parts of the body, including the ankle, knee, back, hip, wrist and shoulder. The articles also address common conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. High-quality images are included to help illustrate the subject matter and make it easier to understand.

In addition to first-rate articles, the health injury library also includes straightforward frequently-asked-questions sections, exercises and prevention tips. Visitors with more specific interests can peruse the Sports Activities, Work Activities and Injury Care sections to expand their knowledge. For example, the Sports Activities area touches on everything from golfing and running to skiing and snowboarding. The Work Activities section covers issues like ergonomic principles, healthy computer habits, manual lifting, comfortable driving and hand tools selection.

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Founded in 1995, PT Health is an extensive network of physiotherapist-owned clinics located all across Canada. Today, PT Health is one of the fastest-growing health care physiotherapy companies in the country. It operates more than 75 physical therapy clinics across Canada and provides services to nearly 100 Canadian nursing homes. PT Health’s clinics are grounded in the principles of integrity, accountability and trust while delivering services in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropody, sports medicine, athletic therapy, massage therapy and other areas. Headquartered in Ontario, PT Health is one of very few national physiotherapy providers that deliver consistent, progressive therapy for patients.


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