Cold vs. Heat Therapy: Which One is Better?

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Cold and heat therapy are often used as a treatment for sprains, strains, pain and other injuries. But how do you know when to use which? And is one better than the other? The answer is that it depends. However, as a general rule of thumb: Ice is good for reducing swelling and inflammation Heat is good for relaxing and …

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Can High Heels Be The Reason For My Back Pain?

Kaitlynn Bonin Back pain

We all know that a good pair of heels can elevate any outfit, but do they come at a cost? While published research is unclear on whether wearing high heels directly leads to back pain, it is clear that wearing them alters your body’s biomechanics. Your feet impact how your entire body moves and functions, and your shoes affect that …

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Meet Our Psychologist: Vanessa McColl

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As we continue through the month of February we will be featuring a different pt Health psychologist as we honor Psychology Month. This week we chatted with Vanessa McColl a psychologist who works at pt Health and Wellness Centre Gladstone Halifax.  Vanessa has been part of the pt Health team for over 7 years in the Halifax Regional Municipality. She completed her …

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Meet Our Psychologist: Karen Smith

pt Health Ask a Clinician, Company News, Quote

February is Psychology month, and we wanted to recognize a few of the psychologists we have here on staff here at pt Health. First up we are chatting with Karen Smith, Psychologist at our Cole Harbour Integrated Health Services – pt Health clinic in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. “I have been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 14 years. I graduated from …

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Why Taking A Stretch Break At Work Is So Important

pt Health Back pain, Health, Knee pain, Neck pain, Pain, Pain Relief

Sitting All Day Can Be Detrimental to Your Physical Health Do you work at a desk all day? Have you noticed stiffness in your muscles from sitting for extended periods of time? Have your energy levels been dropping? Do you find yourself being less productive? These are all warning signs from your body – telling you that it’s time to …

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pt Health Announces the Newest Addition of Nose Hill Park Physiotherapy

pt Health Company News

pt Health is very excited to announce the opening of our newest clinic: pt Health Nose Hill Park Physiotherapy in Calgary Alberta. Nose Hill Park offers patients in the Calgary area a state of the art rehabilitation facility with a gym, onsite physiotherapy, massage therapy, shockwave therapy and more. It has been 5 years since pt Health has opened a …

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Football Injuries

3 Most Common Football Injuries

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What to Watch Out For On the Field We are less than a week away from Super Bowl LIII, one of the most watched sporting events of the year. It’s where every name in the NFL aspires to be – but, this being football, it’s important to remember that there are also a few common injuries that could leave a …

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Bell Lets Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day

pt Health Community Involvement, Events

Mental Health is more common than you may think. Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness throughout their lifetime? So why aren’t we having a larger conversation about this? Thanks to Bell Let’s Talk Day the conversation has finally begun to gain some traction. In September of 2010 Bell Let’s Talk …

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Advance Your Career with pt Health

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If you just graduated from school or are looking to make a career change you need to keep reading! If you are looking for an opportunity that can offer you room for advancement, company benefits, and a workplace culture unlike any other then you have landed at the right place. pt Health is a Community Clinic Network with 230 corporate …

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