Stratford Physiotherapy Centre’s Healthy Habits

pt Health Mental Health

Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. We all struggle with our mental health from time to time. These days maybe more frequently. Although you might try to ignore these feelings or to just keep going, it’s important that we don’t neglect our mental health. There are many different small ways to focus on our mental well-being. Stratford …

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Getting real about how we feel

pt Health Mental Health

This article originally appeared on and was written by Keith Hanson. This past year has been challenging, the likes of which we have not seen in our generation. It has affected all of our lives in ways that we never would have imagined and taken a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. Many people continue to struggle, silently …

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Woman with knee pain.

Is This Serious? Why Do My Knees Crack?

pt Health Is this serious?, Knee pain

  We’ve all heard the loud pop or cracks that can come with a full knee bend, whether it’s in yoga class, at the gym, or just stooping down to pick something up. Because these signs can be concerning, we’ve pulled together a summary of the symptoms, possible causes and treatment options for cracking knees. If you’re seeking medical care …

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How do I relieve low back pain?

Kirsten Roesink Back pain

4 out of 5 Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can vary from a minor annoyance to a debilitating condition. When experiencing back pain, it’s common to feel tense and fear movement. It’s important to remember that gentle movement, along with relaxation techniques and breathing control, can help ease low back pain. × …

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3 tips to prepare you for running season

pt Health Exercises, Fitness, Physiotherapy

This blog originally appeared on and was written by Paola Finizio – a Physiotherapist student at Queen’s University. With the days getting longer and weather getting warmer, you may begin to consider getting back into outdoor running or starting a new running routine. Running is a great way to stay in shape because it allows you to improve your …

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Man experiencing shin pain.

Is This Serious? Why Does the Front of My Leg & Shin Hurt?

pt Health Ankle pain, Foot pain, Is this serious?, Limb pain, Pain

It Could Be Tibialis Anterior Muscle Strain If you’re experiencing pain anywhere from the bottom half of your leg (also known as your shin) down to your big toe, it’s not only frustrating, but concerning, too. Many people with pain in this area assume they have shin splints, but did you know that “shin splints” is often used as an umbrella …

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3 FAQs about Orthotics

pt Health Ankle pain, Back pain, Foot pain, Knee pain, Orthotics

This article was written by Chelsea Komar, a McMaster University PT student working on placement with Paulette Gardiner Millar. In What are orthotics & who can they help? we talked about how orthotics are an effective preventative measure for correcting foot problems and how they can provide support and correct abnormalities that occur in the body due to poor foot …

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Tips for a better sleep

pt Health Back pain, Neck pain, Pain Relief

Have you ever woken up with a kink in your neck or back? Sleeping in poor alignment could be the reason of this discomfort. How to wake up rested, relaxed, and pain free? Check out this infographic with tips to help keep your spine healthy and your muscles relaxed while you sleep. If you continue to experience any pain, contact …

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Three Ways to Ease Top of Foot Pain

pt Health Foot pain, Pain Relief

There are many different causes of top of foot pain from bone spurs, to stress fractures, to today’s topic, extensor tendonitis. If you stand for long periods of time, run or walk on uneven surfaces, or wear shoes that are too tight, extensor tendonitis could be the cause of your top of foot pain. You might have extensor tendonitis if …

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