Thank You For Your Support!

Kirsten Roesink Arthritis, Company News, Health

  Thank you for your support in helping to find a cure for arthritis. With your help, we were able to donate $15,000 to the Arthritis Society. Arthritis affects 6 million Canadians at all ages and stages of life, and at the moment, there is no cure. As healthcare professionals, we share the Arthritis Society’s mission to help people affected …

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photo of new team member keith wilson

Announcing Our New Clinic Team Manager at Corporate Sport Calgary: Keith Wilson

David Gregor Company News, Employment

Welcome to the Team, Keith! pt Health Corporate Sport in Calgary is pleased to announce the newest addition to our clinic team, Keith Wilson! Keith comes with an impressive background in physiotherapy, and – lucky for us! – has already had extensive experience working with pt Health, as he was formerly our Clinic Team Manager for our clinics in Amherst, …

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Your Bad Habit: Sitting

Kaitlynn Bonin Health, Pain, Pain Relief, Standard

There is one more thing to add to the list of things that can kill you: sitting. As you’re reading this, you’re probably sitting. Ironic, isn’t it? But you may be surprised to learn that research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle, or sitting too long every day consistently, can not only increase blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight, …

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Walking Every Day Can Improve Your Overall Health

Kaitlynn Bonin Standard

Walking every day is a simple, free and convenient way to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. All ages and fitness levels can reap the rewards of walking, which include: Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight Strengthen your heart and lungs Strengthen bones and muscles Reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and even breast cancer Prevent or manage conditions …

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Naturopathic Doctor Spotlight: Chelsea Grant, ND

pt Health Spotlight

March is Nutrition Month, and we wanted to recognize a few of the Naturopathic Doctors we have on staff here at pt Health. First up we are chatting with Chelsea Grant, Naturopathic Doctor at our Cornwall Physiotherapy – pt Health clinic in Cornwall, Ontario. Dr. Chelsea Grant, ND has been serving the Cornwall area as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2012. Having grown up …

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Chiropractor Spotlight: Dr Vincent Ng

pt Health Spotlight

It’s no secret that we love our team members here at pt Health. Clinic culture is a huge thing for us, which is why we love turning the spotlight on our fantastic clinicians. Today we’re talking to Dr. Vincent Ng, a new chiropractor at the Broadway Wellness and Physiotherapy – pt Health clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Vincent Ng’s aim is …

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Cold vs. Heat Therapy: Which One is Better?

Kaitlynn Bonin Ankle pain, Back pain, Foot pain, Health, Knee pain, Limb pain, Neck pain, Pain Relief, Shoulder pain, Wrist pain

Cold and heat therapy are often used as a treatment for sprains, strains, pain and other injuries. But how do you know when to use which? And is one better than the other? The answer is that it depends. However, as a general rule of thumb: Ice is good for reducing swelling and inflammation Heat is good for relaxing and …

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Can High Heels Be The Reason For My Back Pain?

Kaitlynn Bonin Back pain

We all know that a good pair of heels can elevate any outfit, but do they come at a cost? While published research is unclear on whether wearing high heels directly leads to back pain, it is clear that wearing them alters your body’s biomechanics. Your feet impact how your entire body moves and functions, and your shoes affect that …

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Meet Our Psychologist: Vanessa McColl

pt Health Ask a Clinician, Company News, Quote

As we continue through the month of February we will be featuring a different pt Health psychologist as we honor Psychology Month. This week we chatted with Vanessa McColl a psychologist who works at pt Health and Wellness Centre Gladstone Halifax.  Vanessa has been part of the pt Health team for over 7 years in the Halifax Regional Municipality. She completed her …

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