ProActive Physiotherapy Introduces New Postural Taping Program In Kingston

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postural-tapingProActive Physiotherapy in Kingston believes in giving the best and the latest in physiotherapy. To continue with that commitment, the clinic is now offering patients within the Kingston area, a new program known as Postural Taping.

Postural taping can be significantly beneficial for individuals who require correction  of their posture.  There are several types of tapes and bandages which are used for postural taping.

Benefits of postural taping other than improving posture include pain alleviation such as that brought on by disc herniation, faster recovery of certain injuries, lessened risk of injury aggravation, and prevention of injury during high risk activities such as sitting improperly in front of the computer for extended periods of time.

Athletes are known to use taping for injury rehabilitation and prevention. However, its use for posture correction is not widely known; yet given its success in athletes and patients, it can also prove to be beneficial to desk-bound workers who spend a better part of the day confined to a chair in front of a computer monitor. Anyone who is suffering from one orthopedic problem or another is recommended to visit a Physiotherapist to know more about postural taping and how it can help one’s condition.

ProActive Physiotherapy is again proud to announce that it has opened postural taping as its newest program so that patients can take advantage of the PT Health difference – a multi-step approach and hundreds of therapy options.

To learn more or book a free consultation, call toll free at 866-749-7461 or visit


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