PT Health Employees Contribute to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

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The world was spurred into action when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti last January 12th, 2010. Thousands of lives were lost and thousands more were left in ruins. Infrastructures were flattened to the ground and basic necessities such as food, water, and medicines became scarce. People around the world took up the challenge and helped out in the Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts in any way they can.

PT Health and its staff did not waste time in realizing more than 12,000.00 dollars for the Haiti Relief. The amount was reached through a variety of fundraising endeavors – bake sales and free massage clinics – as well as personal donations. With the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund created by the Government of Canada wherein for every qualified dollar that an individual donates from January 12 to February 12, the government will also contribute one dollar to the Relief Fund. In effect, PT Health and all its employees had donated more than 24,000.00 in helping the victims of the earthquake rebuild not only their lives but also their country.

Moreover, a valued member of the PT Health advisory team has just returned from a volunteer medical relief mission in Haiti. Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher was one of the many health care practitioners who responded to the call for medical professionals to serve the Haitian people. Dr. Rindlisbacher is the Director of the Sports Health program for Cleveland Clinic Canada. He is also active in the practice of compassionate care as a physician in the palliative care unit of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Although the Haitian people are resilient and hopeful, they still need our help to rebuild their lives and their society. In trying times such as this, it is indeed a great demonstration of human compassion when people from all over the world break barriers and reach out to help.

PT Health is very proud of its employees and their contributions in this worldwide effort to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake get back on their feet.


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