pt Health Team Donates Over 1100 Pounds of Food to Local Food Banks

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midland food donationsIn the holiday season, we are often quick to forget that many people do not have access to simple needs such as food and shelter. Midland Physiotherapy threw out the challenge yet again – as a clinic they wanted to raise 1000 pounds of food for their local food bank!

Barrie Physiotherapy and Bowmanville Physiotherapy accepted the challenge, and after collecting non – perishable goods for the past month, the 3 clinics were able to raise a combined 1100 pounds!

In an attempt to raise the stakes, both Sam M. and Jeanette K. in Midland offered to donate their flowing locks to a local charity if they did not reach 1000 pounds as a singular clinic. While Midland alone raised 450 pounds of food, it looks as if both Sam and Jeanette will be providing their own wonderful “hairy” donations to make wigs for people in need.

Great work pt Health Team!


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