The Benefits of Psychology in a Multidisciplinary Physical Treatment Practice

Kirsten RoesinkMental Health

The reaction to a physical injury or condition differs for every patient, but their overall mental well-being always plays an important role in their recovery. 

Some injuries or conditions can have a negative impact on a patient’s mental health, influencing the recovery process. Working with a psychologist can be extremely beneficial for this type of patient.

The psychologists at pt Health help patients deal with depression, loss of motivation, fear, and/or anxiety related to their injury or condition. They also teach patients how to set goals to further encourage and motivate patients to complete their rehabilitation program.

Psychologist Vanessa McColl has been part of the pt Health team for over seven years. She currently works at pt Health and Wellness Centre Gladstone Halifax. Vanessa enjoys being part of a multidisciplinary team existing of physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors, helping meet the needs of patients as they complete they rehabilitation programs.

“I specialize in treating clients who have been injured, have chronic pain, or have other significant health problems. Trauma therapy is particularly helpful for clients who are not only working through the physical effects of an injury or accident but the emotional, or post-traumatic effects as well such as driving anxiety following a motor vehicle collision.”

A multidisciplinary approach to patient care

At pt Health, our multidisciplinary approach to patient care means we have different health care professionals working collaboratively at each of our clinics

We are proud to  provide patients with every possible option to help them recover quickly, safely, and effectively – all in one location.

Psychologist Karen Smith has worked at our Cole Harbour Integrated Health Services – pt Health clinic in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for over five years. 

“I enjoy my role in the team,” says Karen. “I have gained extensive knowledge working with a physical treatment team. It has been an exciting learning opportunity to take a position with pt Health because it is a type of multidisciplinary team that was unfamiliar to me; it has been a great experience.”

With a psychologist as part of our multidisciplinary team, we can focus on the physical and cognitive aspects of recovery, promoting the overall health of our patients and providing them with the best care possible.

If you are a Psychologist or other licensed professional interested in joining a multidisciplinary physical treatment team and contributing to the highest level of patient-focused care, visit our career page.

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